Neither New World nor AGS is going anywhere but better and bigger

They have had at least 7 years since the announcement of New World to work on Lumberyard. How much longer do you think it will take before they can

Even I must admit this, NW has held out longer than Crucible did. It was on Steam for what…a month, 2 tops? At least NW has that going for them just not much else besides awesome graphics

Combat system is pretty damn good too. Only reason I still play it.


You know, I’ll give that one to ya, I’ll agree to that, at least from a pve side. I’m not a pvp’r but I have read countless postings and replies about how horrible for pvp’rs it is. I keep reading “This wpn is OP, this wpn shoots through walls, heals are being nerfed again, melee sucks when everyone’s an arrow flicker or spell caster” type of replies. So while from a pve pov, you’re so right bc I do enjoy the weapons and annimation of the abilities

All I really do anymore is opr and arenas and I love it. There is nothing else out there that compares to it. No weapon is OP imo across all game modes. Usually it’s bad players that cry about op weapons and demand nerfs to make them feel better about their limitations.


again, I’ll concede on your reply. As a solo pve’r, I can only comment on what I read in regards to pvp and the complaints in pvp so I have no real basis to say any different than what you said

The copium. They stopped working on New World like a year ago.
They only finished what was planned pre release.
If you consider a basic introduction of code for making basic parties in dungeons possible and rankings viewable as “they are working on the game” you’re hopeless lol
This game was dropped literally 2 weeks after release. We just were high on copium

This is what working on a game looks like
Just fly over it. It’s a minor base patch which comes every 2-3months. Now is 2weeks!! after last patch and today they are patching the game AGAIN for the ultimate release which has more thought in it for the first 2minutes of the fight than there is in the entirety of NW lol.

Comparing the revenue of Blizzard, a small gaming company to all of Amazon which includes AWS, etc… is a disingenuous and flawed comparison in every possible way…

If anything, you would compare Blizzard to AGS, not all of Amazon.

But Blizzard wins against AGS from their track record… Blizzard spent 20+ years building a company with integrity, with hugely popular games like Star craft, Broodwars, Diablo II LOD and WOW… it was really only when Activision showed up that Blizzard’s reputation started to tarmish and fall apart as their heart and soul were pushed out and the paper pushers, lawyers and accountants took over, slowly poisoning the company against itself.

AGS has a long way to go to earn Blizzard’s reputation.

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ENJOY the ECHO CHAMBER of like-minded toxicity while NW grows and gets more fun with time!

How much time is the question… they started out on the wrong foot, and are not working very hard to make up for lost time. The road map was less than inspiring.

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It didn’t survive because it didn’t have the numbers to keep it viable. New World has less thab 17k players playing this morning, that’s a far cry from the 130k that logged in at the start of Brimstone in Nov. Losing this many players in a couple months speaks volumes of the current interest in this game…

Growing? 130k players in Nov and less than 17k playing this morning, LOL

I’ve given up on New World for now and am going to try BDO

I don’t know how they plan on turning a profit in 2023, there’s nothing new until the summer (assuming no delays) and they’re already bleeding players at an alarming rate.

But youre going to hang around the forums yes?

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bro quit with the ai bullshit.

AI wont be relevant until it makes its own game.

PlayAGS is not Amazon game studios. Completely different company.

After carefully reading the comments in this thread, I have come to one conclusion.


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One thing is to have resources. Other to hire proper ppl and given them ability to work as they want to. If you cant provide all of that it wont matter how much money you throw into problem.