Nerf bb or every melee will leave

Musket and bow nerfs are good. Good job to them. But mages getting a huge buff this patch, coupled with BB being untouched and melee being gutted wont do any good to the state of the game.

Atm, a huge portion of the playerbase are either playing range or light armor abusing dodge mechanics. It has been like this for a year. Med and heavy players are strictly melee archetypes and have become a minority in the community. They have been forced to exile because of how unfair light and range is against them. Next patch many weapons are getting gutted, but BB isnt. BB is the best anti melee weapon in the game, offering insane burst dmg, long range slow, and high mobility while being passively tankier. Bb being untouched , fire staff being buffed and melee being gutted means we are not switching the meta in a good and healthy way. We are in a bow/musket/dex meta and we are just switching to a intel/bb/firestaff meta that will just be as bad or even worse than the actual one. Instead of memeing about bowpr or musketpr, it will be bbpr or staffpr. And we wont stay here another 3 months getting one shotted accross the map as a melee by some light armor mages you will never be able to catch.

I dont think ags understand the issue so i will probably leave if it comes to reality.


Bows are still going to be spammed as well. With everyone switching to ele aversion a ranged physical damage weapon is still going to dominate in opr for scoreboard.


Yeah id agree

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I can only say that BB players can me still one shot in Arenas even if I’m in heavy armor. The only way i can survive is blocking with the shield.

Generally speaking using heavy armor makes not difference at all compared to light in mitigating damage if the shield is not up, because any damage will burn you down the same as quick.

If a guy with Greatsword hits me in heavy armor without blocking is even worst as if I would be in light, because in light at least I can roll and avoid complete damage. In heavy hits you like truck like if you are wearing light.

Heavy armor is only good if you block otherwise light is better.

I think that if they balance all weapons BB should also has been one of them… I don’t know why not…


They probably want a BB meta but its unhealthy as the game now needs more melee players


Ele aversion. Ruby gems. But. I know, you don’t want to have to worry about mitigating another damage type.



If you think making a weapon rely on RNG is good then its hard to take your word on anything that has to do with balance.

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Been using slash and thrust gems/amulets for the last year. With the nerfs, just swap them to fire. Ele Aversion is new BIS anyways.

BB defence did take a hit via the fortify changes but yeah the burst is still crazy.

I won’t


BB took a huge Nerf with the fortify changes, but the damage could probably be toned down a little bit to be more in line with everything else.

I use this with medium sw/spear and it’s not enough against a Intel bb with full fire runeglasss and ring. Still half your health minimum

BB and bow will be the standout weapons in opr after the patch IMO.

Bow glass canon with hatchet will still be a thing.

Axe and BB combo will run around hunting any solo players and melt them.

bb get heavly nerfed on ptr couse of the forty changes

Survivability yes, damage no

I’m hoping ASB and SG are toned down, slightly

Even if they loose a bit of survivability, they still deal too much burst damage and too mobile

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If u dont get hit by splitting, its 99.9% impossible to get bursted 100-0 from bb


I dont care about the burst alone. Its the combinaison of very high burst dmg, high mobility , high survivability, good debuffs and range that bothers me. This weapon has basicaly everything like the GS but its range. Couple bb with ig or fs and you have 0 counterplay

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If you play no fire resists and 50con. Then yea.