Nerf bb or every melee will leave

Los jugadores que nos gusta sentirnos “pesados” estamos abandonados, y nuestra capacidad de supervivencia sin curanderos es nula… La armadura ligera y rodar es meta y lo seguirá siendo. Creo que implementar el GRIT en los 300 puntos de constitución es algo positivo para los tanques y tiene muchos mas sentido, aún así las perk de la barra de constitución de 250 puntos debería de otorgar una mayor bonificación de resistencia al daño para así compensar la falta de daño que tiene un tanque.

Do i ask for nerfs here? No. I asked for GS and i provided specifics what i think is broken in GS. And in bow topic is specify that imho bow has to much perma haste from passives.

Here you talk about bb doing 20k dmg. So i can do same. I saw GA doing 50k dmg. Sounds good? Please nerf GA more.

Stop ranting

So you are balatantly belittling and derailing cause you want this to be about GS and GA when this topic is BB?

Good to know you want to gate conversations.

No. Im just making up numbers as some ppl here in this topic.

show me a clip where you consistently use it in opr or war. or even arena

Edit: were you actually trying to show that you one shot people in pvp with some kind of prove or did you just throw random theorycraft at me?

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fix net shot bug pls
he often shoots into the ground

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you have been whining a lot, using a dumby as proof with no armor and stationary. people talking about how easy it is to dodge melee attacks lol not in clumps bruiser do just as much damage as bb in clumps. you are upset that a bb messed you up from behind and you could not left click him to death. @halfik they only want a game with brusiers and healers anything else has to go lol. luckily for them ags are mainly bruisers so it is what it is. this is why i always target bruisers, love when they send love messages because they always do especially when i kill their healer first.


Yea i know. And im fine with any nerfs anyone ask for as long as there is some math to support claims. We have 328 posts long topic and if numbers were provided they were false like 20m range bb or bb combo doing 20k dmg. All false information.

No single dude that is asking for bb nerf did provide any data. None.
Thats why mods have to close this type topic unless data is provided in first post.

If we can see comparions weapon A vs weapon B and number 100 vs 150. We can atalk if its ok there is that bif difference and why its the case or why its to much big difference. With out data to talk about topics like this are just whiners crying about stuff taht does kill them.



i mean im heavy bb ice main ,also the war players, and i real dont get why we talk about bb, when bow its the most broken weapon in enitre new world and after the patch hit life we will have next 4 months again full of the bow domination everywhere

Bro bb light users are 100% rat players and abusing the insane burst damage which needs to be addressed, they’re addressing bruisers having burst potential with their combo and entire class, why not bb too?

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By rat i assume mele crying about range players doing dmg from range. In context of bb it does not make sense. You did notice bb is used is mele combat range right?

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so SNS/WH burst or WH/GA burst or GS/SNS burst or Gs/WH burst , or GS/Hatchet burst, OR GS/GA burst do not compare to a BB, melee has legit lost their minds. All those combos can 100-0. lets not even mention the fact you guys cried so much you got an auto slow and insane tracking. RELAX. BB has to legit be in your face and u have to have bad stamina management to get hit by the BB. ridiculous where is the footage lets see how the BB compares to those combos.


bb is death , bow still broken unreal

Are melee staying now? :slight_smile:

In the post before you were given evidence, then accused the person of not playing bb, while at the same time asking how can this be replicated. Video evidence doesnt help if you wont accept it in the first place.

I came here to be helpful, not to argue. I already tried to explain how you can do it, I’m not going out of my way to edit and create compilation from multiple videos just to win an argument on the internet. Your asking for a lot there. Either accept the answer or dont, i dont really care. Just try to be civil instead of being combative, then maybe someone wouldnt have an issue with your request.

You guys already gutted Blunderbuss with fortify changes and firestaff buffs. If you dont know yet, bb skills deals range fire elemental damage. With 90% if not more people switching from stacking fortify to stacking elemental aversion, BB will deal way less damage than it’s dealing now. Also the fact that people gonna run more FS means that any half brain player gonna run 1-2 ruby gems in his armor (cuz bow, bb and fs are dealing fire damage)
So yes… listen to some random melee pleb, who cant dodge hammer heavy attack, instead of testing and checking that you already making weapon less useable than it is now. Dude is probably running shirking fortify with mainly physical/slash protection and he wonders why he is getting countered by a fire damage…
Also, did you guys even tried bb in pvp? The fact that you wont be able to utilize fortify from passives on that weapon means that you wont be able to fight anyone close range… And guess what, bb is basically a melee weapon.
Just nerf it more. Make it shoot rubber bullets that bounce from heavy armor builds…

Fortify is nerfed 5x on light, 4x on med, 3x on heavy.
90% of fortify perks will be a debuff because everyone will switch to Invigorated Punishment after Mortal Empowerment nerfs.
Shirking fortify is a totally useless perk. Imagine making a meta for ~1 year where people have to get full sets with fortify to be BIS and then change it soo much that the perk and all those sets become completely useless… God, AGS balancing team should work as bouncers… That’s the only profession I can think of now, where your job is to bully your employer customers.

you yourself started talking about consistency and a theoretic scenario. comboing a dummy doesnt exactly show evidence of either.
you dont call it a request, its usually called calling someone out on their bs

but nice try