Nerf bb or every melee will leave

Fortify is nerfed 5x on light, 4x on med, 3x on heavy.
90% of fortify perks will be a debuff because everyone will switch to Invigorated Punishment after Mortal Empowerment nerfs.
Shirking fortify is a totally useless perk. Imagine making a meta for ~1 year where people have to get full sets with fortify to be BIS and then change it soo much that the perk and all those sets become completely useless… God, AGS balancing team should work as bouncers… That’s the only profession I can think of now, where your job is to bully your employer customers.

you yourself started talking about consistency and a theoretic scenario. comboing a dummy doesnt exactly show evidence of either.
you dont call it a request, its usually called calling someone out on their bs

but nice try

I’m not going sit here an argue with you over this. Have a nice day.

The thing is, there is no compensation as well.
If shirking fort got gutted and there was something to promote build diversity I’d be fine
But you either run aversion or wait what else can you run for generic class based protection?
And aversion applies to base damage so the more empowers enemy has, less effective aversion is. Overall a really bad patch all because of 1 change which fundamentally screws anyone not ranged.

Not enough nerf of bb =( But this is better than nothing.

The real problem is that the perk is less than useless. With invigorated punishment out there, shirking fort will see you take increased damage when It proc’s ( on some armor loads and even on heavy if you only have a few shirking forts.)

You basically need to have 5 of it on heavy armor for it to have any value.

So you don’t even have the option of leaving it on your armor, you have to reroll! Terrible decision and change

Chill out mate. Nerf does not make weapon crap. Just weaker. And im sure BB will be used same as before. Sure you can feel that dmg drop. But its not deal breaking, weapon killing nerf. Just a normal nerf.

Have you legalized marihana in the state or what?
Why was the ice spike nerfed, but not this wonderful weapon?
I sent you a video where the cooldown of the blast is 2-4 seconds and this is done as easily as possible.
Attack + Blast now deals:

  1. 6x23 = 138%
  2. 50 - 100%, 100 - 15 \u003d 85, 70, 55, 40. We sum everything up and divide by 2, we get 175
  3. 4 bullets from the same button: 4x23= 92
    Summing up: 138 + 92 + 175 = 405%, while the damage does not depend on crit and this is done in 0.2 seconds with a repetition in 2-4 seconds. 405% is excluding buffs and other things, pure damage.
    Even without 100% of the grenade from the same ability.
    What else in the game can give out such huge damage so quickly?
    And I’ll tell you, NOTHING.
    But instead of boldly taking 100% of the damage, you take 20 and on the ptr we have not 405… but a WHOLE 380 i.e. if he inflicts 6 thousand, then it will be 5,600))) but in fact he gives out under 8. THANK YOU GREAT AMAZON. Are you sure you are not balancing the game according to “feelings”? just reduce the damage of the spear, kill the great ax and hatchet in the trash, but don’t touch the bow and blender too much… no words.
    Meta rdd will be fixed by weakening melee. GENIUS
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Can probably kill BB easier now tho with fortify nerfs. I think that was a bigger issue

I play light Bb is definitely overpowered on live but as soon as the patch hits bb players are gonna drop it’s going to be a glass cannon. I think the most important thing about the bb is its safety not even dmg and that is gone it should be way easier to punish light bb players that play close up.

Congratulations to those who cried about bb, now bb is officially a weapon meme

Time to go bow or FS and contribute to the best meta ever!

This right here, needs some kind of animation, there’s no react and there’s also no proper counter attack for the lack of animation and damage it does. It’s a guessing game on when to punish a BB and when to dodge a BB. Other skills like shock wave, maelstrom, vault kick, incinerate ect. Have a wind up that allows you to stun back if you time it correctly to counter.

Personally I would add animation times to the skills and a slight wind up to the autos but increase the damage to make up for it. It should be a powerful yet slow weapon that’s deadly if you don’t properly dodge it’s slow animations, like the hammer

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so let’s make dynamic weapons a piece of clunky crap, because you can’t press shift when a bb is coming at you, to have his combo go cd, great logic! Let’s just remove all weapons that have burst, then so you don’t get in the way of hitting lmb spam and thinking about nothing…

I’m not understanding what your argument is, bb is the only weapon that has no start up animation for any of its moves or skills other than the wind blast thing that pushes you back. That is the only proper skill that has a start up. Musket auto attacks are the only other thing you can’t dodge and are instant. Your asking me to dodge something but guessing when someone is going to shoot? Ok I’ll waste 50 stam on one dodge and hope he uses his skill, oh no, he baited me and didn’t actually use his skill, he was just using an auto attack, so now I’ll dodge again. OOPS he baited me again, now I have no stam “PEW PEW PEW” there goes 2/3 of my health. DAMN, wish I was playing a action/reaction combat game, oh wait….

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I totally agree with every post of yours.
All players with a blunderbuss consider that as your interlocutor below.
In their opinion, they should guess “whether you press dodge or not.” In fact, everything is even much simpler than you described, because of the huge damage and lack of animation, he just goes to exchange with you. At the same time, you have animation blocking and you cannot press dodge, as a result, he will receive 2 thousand damage and you are almost all health.

don’t fool yourself, animation is present on absolutely all weapon skills, you just don’t understand the difference between animation speed and no animation, bb has zero sustain and poor range, can only play at close distance, without grid and cc, adding longer animation windows the weapon will become trash, like it already happened with blastshot, after bb came out it’s a useless skill now, this will happen to other skills if they add longer animations, I’ve been playing bb since it came out, never caught a oneshot combo from other bb users, always understood when i have to dodge it, you just want to nerf the weapon because it’s easier than learning how to play against it, any hatchet, greatsword or sns will destroy you much faster than bb and he won’t care if you can dodge or not.

I saw that 1.5 second clip of 3 skills and 2 autos, no weapon in the game does 5 animations in 1.5 seconds. Also net shot is the strongest and longest lasting cc in the game, 7 seconds of slow, you don’t need other cc at that point, slow them to a crawl and just use autos to bait their stam and since exhausting slows their stam regen after dodgeing from net shot you can go to ham with your skills when his stam is low then back off till your off CD then repeat.

And besides all that you get defense like a S&S user, you have defensive resolve as a PASSIVE with a lower CD rate than S&S and you don’t have to activate it! It does it for you when your health is at 50% and gives you 50% less damage for the same duration but you don’t have to slot it as a skill.

But let’s be real here, like I said it’s the only weapon that has 0 animation start up/lock other than reloading your auto between a shot (which you can cancel that animation by using a skill) or the bb knock over skill.

The bb should have animations and higher fire power, it should be a skilled weapon where you shoot people during their animation locks for big d1ck damage or catching them on a roll and it should have grit during its attacks/skills. Personally I would prob add a passive for damage reduction on the bb while you have active grit during your animation locks so now you still have your tankyness but between skills when your grit isn’t active is when people have an opportunity to stagger/stun you at the end of your skills like on most weapons grit ends at 3/4 duration of your skills.

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this conversation is about nothing, can you hear yourself? instead of asking the devs to remove animation blocking from other weapons, just want to add bb to this clumsy combat fest, ruining the smoothness of combat, I’ve given you reasons why adding animation blocking or longer windows ruins the weapon, but you don’t want to understand, just pick up a bb, go to oprs and you will be surprised when you see, how most people dodge your combo, and then maybe you will understand this weapon, that in another context it is just useless, end of the discussion, no answer me pls.

Actually this reply right here summed up everything, you want ESO/WOW instant skill combat where you cancel every attack and just push a button and a instant result happens and you roll your face across the keyboard till you see everything on CD and repeat

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