Nerf bb or every melee will leave

unless you hit a new player or a bot with it, half of it just won’t go through, and then you’ll have cd and die, in any case, claw shot animation cancellation doesn’t work anymore on PTR, few people use claw shot on live servers, because even now it’s garbage

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without claw shot u can do it as: auto+grande+auto+sharpen+auto+net for maybe 1.6s and more dmg.

Make this combo from range, grenade not work it will detonate near the player, and
with this build you will die from any range player, from cc combo from SS + Hamer, yasy die from GS + Hatchet etc… BB is not overpower, 1, 2 dodge and all your burst damage in 1.5 sec id gone. I play bb from the beginning i know what i’m talking.

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Dude what you are adding there? Your base numers are wrong. And rest of math is wrong. Azoth shot alone is 5 bullets but on hit each next does -20% dmg.

Im not sure what you calculate there couse none of the numer you use seems to be BB related number lol.

If you are jumped by BB gun player and you stay for 1.5sec or longer in place you deserver to die.

To make bb combo you have to:

  1. get in any mele range
  2. make him wait in place for like 2sec - reality is you need to iunclude reaction time in that combo to
  3. dont die while in range
  4. dont get cc locked while in that range

Its like saying Bow is OP couse when i stay 6-8sec in place they do kill me on range. Yea you deserve to die.

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that’s why he trying this combo on a mannequin, because in real pvp it doesn’t work like that, but the developers need to make the weapons nerf, because the poor thing wants to keep spamming lmb

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Why people still defend bb? Stop being delusional . Nerf is deserved and more will probably be needed

the underestimation is now 15 and it goes from 50%, while 50 for a decrease is considered 100%, there is 1 error in the calculations and it does not significantly affect the result. Make a counter-calculation and do not fart nonsense out of yourself.

Just going to say that, with my experience, I can usually dodge a huge number of an opponent’s musket shots. You just learn their patterns really fast when you face maybe one or two of them. I actually fought one musket guy for probably around 20 minutes (he just ran constantly, trying to kite me… he couldn’t kill me) and he had to actually adapt to my dodging by waiting between shots… this actually worked to my benefit as he spent less time shooting me (though this just meant he ran earlier… which is why I hate fighting musket and bow players most of the time because I might as well watch paint dry)

Honestly don’t get the fuss some make over “no animations” for these weapons. Yes, some stuff works like that in the game and this is not a bad thing; if everything worked the same way it would be just a reaction sim and would be bland.

this combo will rarely ever work in competitive PvP, you might kill a bob with this, but no way in hell good players will die to it, no net shot means no scape, and no way to catch up to the enemy, and using all abilities in 1.5 sec is a horrible idea, 1 roll and you missed everything and u will have no abilities for a good 15-20 secs. You might hide on bush and wait for someone to just distractedly walk by and you hit them with a Wrecking ball wombo combo, but if you get caught by a WH on bush you deserve to probably die anyways.

they don’t care about melee players.

no feed back on this.

I see a lot of people talking about it and the DEVs are turning a blind eye to players giving feedback.

the question is are the DEVs reading the player feedbacks that melee?

well, you got excited about the cd, many play through the left ult and make 2 blasts. In general, the matter is in the very possibility to give 5 buttons in 1.5 seconds, it is very fast. The heavy attack of the hammer lasts almost the same, but it is 1. Even the sword will give a maximum of 1 attack in this time (may give 1 heavy and 1 light). Most melee abilities are much slower. 1.5. seconds are 5 abilities, to deal 6-8k damage you need to press 2 buttons, and this is about half a second, i.e. the average time of 1 light melee attack, but the damage there is a maximum of 2k. 2k and 6-8k in 0.5 seconds, feel the difference?

Yes but BB is designed to be a burst weapon, while BBs burst is btw not 6-8k cuz that’s best case scenario usually the average dmg in a regular fight is 4-6k which is sometimes 1 heavy from any GS or WH, Relentless rush hits 4-6k on average with both hits, but anyways BB is a burst weapon with weak sustain, while melees have infinite sustain and burst possibilities, these are different weapons designed to do different things, BB is mainly designed for burst and nothing else, if you take away the high burst what will BB be good for?

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BB was never intended to be a main weapon but a utility weapon. In BB current form it is being used as a main weapon supported by weapon that provide CC like IG, WH.

Yes for patterns and knowing when they reload, but if he sits their aiming it’s a guess. Just like BB, if he sits and waits for you to dodge and doesn’t just unload his skills the moment he sees you then you will get hit since it’s instant hit scan, with bow Atleast there is a physical projectile that travels and you can see it to dodge it after it is fired. With musket and bb once it is fired you can’t dodge

Im looking at more nerfs. I dont think it will be enough. All things considered

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