Nerf bow and musket or every melee leave

no comment, is this a shooter game?


have you tried mortal online. sounds like it might be a game for you. you may feel like the game devs have duped you but this isn’t a new thing where devs change the way players engage with the game and everyone complains because they put in time towards something that they feel should stay the same because the fantasy is that they built a character that is the best it can be and that is a pitfal that many young players fall into the trap of.

but really the nerf posts is junk food quality forum usage especially when the poster cant actually give any tangible target values for any reader to understand just where the OP is basing this information off of.

forum post barrel


bye, cya?

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I think I’ve had enough too. This game has become terrible

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Hm, last year shows us that this it melee game mostly, what are you talking about?

I think most want to play melee, but it’s not enjoyable to PvP, so they stop playing.



The game is just insanely unfun when you have 100 projectiles flying past your head every 20 seconds from every direction and that’s literally all opr is now. It’s even worse when these bows and muskets literally do 4k plus consistently. Firestaff is on the rise and it doesn’t hit as hard but it’s still extremely obnoxious. The ranged meta is extremely hurtful for the game over all.

Yeah 4K with mortal empower, the perk needs to get a nerf… But DEVS have no clue how to nerf it properly…
1% per stack, 10 stack max for 15 minute is the best way to go in my opinion.

TBH the musket nerf is already enough only real main musket will play it.

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We cant tell this untill we see weapon used in live servers. Weapon still have main issue: allows to do dmg up to 120m range while other weapons effetive range is 0-40m. As long as main issue remains im not sure weapon can be not op and not noodle in same time.

Well i can tell wat will hapen, becoise of shirking nerf and rezil.nerf on light it will be no point go more then 50 con 50 con or 150 it will be same poopoo , so yes more bow mans will run full range set with rapier or hachet to run away if need, becouse all bow man will be 50 ot 5 con, dmg will be same as in live server at moment, build like bow/spear bow/ss bow/gs will.not be good becouse you dont wana play any mele even if you have 200 con on light armor :slight_smile:

If you think making the musket max range 0 - 40m you are delusional… DEVS want the musket to still have a role in PvP, the game need variety it means = Melee players, mid range players, and long range players. If the musket is 0 - 40m I’m fine but then get rid of the deviation, then it would be fair.
But like I said you are delusional if you are hoping for the musket to only have 0 - 40m max range. What could be more realistic is modifying max range of other ranged weapons to make it match or almost (0 - 100m) the musket’s max range, but then all ranged weapons will need a deviation like the musket…
Other solution is to make the musket bullet a projectile with travel time, but i’m not sur it will change anything because a bullet travels faster than any other projectiles in the game, and would servers be able to handle it ? Not sure.

Delusional are musket players thinking its ok to do 3-4k dmg per hit every 2sec on 120m range.

Lets compare musket range and dmg to bow. Couse bow are dex range weapons. Bow effecitve range in my opinion is around 40m. Probably closer to 30 than 40m. But lets assume its 40m.

Musket effective range is x3. So dmg should be 1/3 of bow. And we know bow dmg is super strong now. So if we assume bow does hit for 3k, then musket auto should do 1k on 120m range and 3k when you are 40m range from target. And this is not the case.

And its super simplified description of issue so you can understand it.

I understand that the bursier class has quit the game. Especially with fortify nerf, this class can be easily killed with a bow and rifle in 2-3 hits, even in holy. Also, the warhammer and greataxe are the weapons that take the biggest damage nerfs in this upgrade. whereas the update would be for bow, musket, hatchet and greatsword.

I’m wondering, have you tried it on PTR before coming on forum and keep complaining about musket’s damage ? You see, i’m so tired of people like you just complaining and not doing actual tests that I ran tests my self. On live with my build full BIS, one musket shot (headshot=critical hit (just in case you’re not aware)) = 2,8K damage (0 - 40 m btw). But then you add 200 DoT from keenly jagged = 3k right ? And let’s say I’ve loaded powder burn, then add ~ 450 DoT from powder burn. Shot now deals 3,5k.
Those are optimal conditions good musket players hits only 4-8 HS per OPR match.

Now all of you guys complaining about musket’s damage, the real probleme is DoTs, because in this game the first tick begins when the shot first hit the target rather than 1s after the hit. DoTs damages are the issue on the musket (they are too strong at the moment, it needs either damage reduction or a time reduction).

I don’t know if you are aware but seems to me you’re not, since you never tested anything. On PTR those damages are lowered, BIS musket after the patch would be Enchanted/Accuracy/Attun = no more keenlyjagged (It’s fine, it’s fair). And ont PTR after 70m damage drop off is now actually effective so… You are talking about musket still dealing 100% damage from 0 - 120m… You have no clue what you’re talking about bro…
Ohh yeah and Sniper perk is actually broken, and i’m pretty sure the DEVS won’t do anything about it before patch goes live, so no more X3 zoom (I don’t really care, I don’t zoom that much) but putting one point in this perk actually reduces the musket’s accuracy ( I suppose you’re not aware of that since the only thing you do is complaining before testing thing but whatever).
Soooo… Stop your nonsens once again. I tried to keep it simple for you to understand.

You cant tell much based on ptr couse u dont get builds there. Crafting each and every item will take ages. And then you cant test it couse other players are running rng builds.

You can test simple elements like vicuious dmg live vs ptr. but not whole builds.

Ohh yeah ? You see I spent time on PTR to craft a decent build, actually got a BIS musket too on PTR Accuracy/Enchanted/Attun.
I tested things you see what about you ?.. You spend more time on the forum than on PTR/live testing things… Come on dude…

Then share data you have? Im interested to see comparsion of what you tested on ptr vs live version.

I won’t share anything go test it your self… I can put anything I want on the sheet you demand. So once again, stop believing everything people says and do things by yourself.