Nerf dex builds but leave GA/WH untouched

One big thing I noticed in these new patch notes is that they are effectively reducing the bonus crit damage.
What warranted this change? I havent seen anyone say anything about the bonus crit damage but now out of no where all dex builds are hit with a soft nerf. Of course this isnt any huge difference in damage but why soft nerf this yet leave GA and WH untouched. GA and WH dont heavily rely on crit damage so this really only affects every build besides the one that is the most popular.
This makes 0 sense.

The damage nerf is minimal, the change its just because all sources of crit damage are additive except for vicious.

If you really think that GA, the weapon with 1.4 base crit multiplier doesn’t rely on crit damage i guess you don’t even know what a backstab is.

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