Nerf flamethrower

Its the most braindead and op thing in arena rn.
Nerf please



If you thinik FT in op do math. Please calculate FT dmg vs hatchet,gs, ss LMB dmg over any unit of time you want. Come back with numbers or stop posting crap.



pvp feels so…unfair

Whats better, braindead weapon or a braindead skill?

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Calculate the amount of braincells FT takes compared to other weapons in NW

Yea i know. LMB spam on mele is most complex manual skill in any game ever.


Well at least you have to click, FT is just walking around


It using more mana, and having a cool down, would fix it.

Damage is fine, being able to endlessly use it, is not.


I would clap u in any build, and you clearly don’t play arena if you don’t know how strong it is there.

Yea. Just on 1400-1500 wins on arena.
FT is strong if you are potato and want LMB spam every light armor user to death.

For any decent mele player its not an issue.

FT is just strong, people in medium build can just walk around and tank any dmg while melting people in front of them. You defending is probably just cause you use it ur self

The only real nerf to flamethrower that’s justified and makes sense is an overheat mechanic like on the turrets in opr. So you can’t really have it going for more than 7 or 8 seconds, and if it overheats you have a short cooldown. The mana drain wouldn’t work as much because you can just spam mana pots.

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I said this in another flamethrower thread. You know it’s also server dependent. I rather get flamethrowered than fight a sns hammer player in heavy. These sns heavy players are common in arenas.


Flamethrower doesn’t need nerfed again it’s already irrelevant after the last nerf it got.

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like i always said, flamethrower is very effective against noobs.

and since there are so many of them in this game, flamethrower is a fun ability to use.
flamethrower def requires more braincells than melee weapons lmb’s bc you have to be aware of positioning, you aren’t a medium bruiser that can tank a lot and eat some cc.

also it requires good awareness of incoming stuff, as you can’t cancel it for 1 second after activation which makes you very vulnarable to incoming cc.

also you need to be aware of breaking someone elses stun with a low dmg tick of ft since that’s very counterproductive.


I’m starting to think that FT users are actually braindead, like you can’t play FT and call bow 0 skill weapon. Your comment from another post looks like satire at this point. Like the other clown here defending it by saying that melee only have to LMB, like dude flamethrower is only walking, often paired with auto turret from CoD that is called ice pylon in this game. The whole build is designed for braindead people. Mages are just crying on forums over and over living in their illusory truth that the mage class is weak and targeted by AGS. Like again the other clown here that made post how the new gems screw over mages for giving them 10% bonus elemental dmg of their choice when melee can get 5% overboard. Did you even think about how range players only gets 5% for 1 weapon meanwhile mage can get 10% for 1 of their, tbh mage can also use the 5% range bonus if they want but of course they choose the 10% for one of their weapon cause that is just stronger…


Is this thread satire? It has to be, there is just no way.


Well flamethrower syndrome andys use medium and heavy in arenas and its a super strong meta.
Also everything you mention is the same for other class but at the same time they have to use the brain to play their class meanwhile flamethrower andys just walk around. Like legit this is crazy how you flamethrower users are thinking

Bow Does requires 0 skill to sit out side mid and behind all the fights charging heavy attacks pumping 3-5k hits for free into people fighting across the map, 97 percent of bow players play this way. I have a feeling you will say well bows have to aim and lands shots, Flamethrower doesn’t, Yes bows have to aim but the amount of increased damage they get from passives requires 0 skill, They get so much Damage for free allowing bad players to contribute to fights more than they should. Besides flamethrower requires you to be in melee range, flamethrower requires you to manage your stamina unlike a bow afk in spawn charging heavies into clumps, Flamethrower may not be the most difficult skill in the game but its not as easy as you want it to be, Besides its much easier to deal with than other weapons in the game that can perma chain CC you from 100 to 0. Flamethrower doesn’t slow you, it doesn’t stun you, it just does damage, You can literally W key away from it and get away. Flamethrower turns our attacks into left click melee attacks that do less damage than hatchet autos. You can’t handle that rofl. If you can’t kill a bad player using flamethrower maybe you should look in the mirror and start there. You are the source of the problem. Fire staff compared to the other ranged and melee DPS weapons in the game is just Dog water. There is 0 argument. If you want to come pare bow empower traits, go look at bows and muskets and then come talk. You have 0 idea what your getting into. here ill just a few out for you. Bow gets 15 percent empower on every dodge. Firestaff gets 15 percent empower when they drop below 50 percent HP. Bow gets 20 percent damage on all targets below 50 percent hp, Fire staff gets 25 percent empower while standing in a circle that lasts for 8 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown and soon as you step an inch outside the empower is gone, while bows get 20 percent on all targets below 50 percent HP. Bow also gets 20 percent on targets they haven’t hit in the last 10 seconds, they get 15 percent on targets past 10 meters, they get 10 percent on targets with an active Debuff, they get 20 percent head shot damage. FIre staff gets 5 percent when you haven’t taken Damage in the last 3 seconds which rarely happens in pvp. Firestaff gets 5 percent empower

The only Thing Fire staff does is Damage and compared to other weapons the damage is low. Fireball can crit up to 5k sure, but it has a perk that boosts damage by 58 percent at 625. The ability by its self is weak. you are required to run a perk to make it viable. Fire Staff is not top tier, its B tier at best. It deserves to get some buffs.

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If you can’t survive from flamethrower then i guess you need to practice


The 97% of bow players you are talking about lose games and useless for the team and that is your argument for it being strong. The difference is that a fire staff even as a bad player does shit meanwhile a bad bow player is literally useless. I would love to see you play bow for few games of opr and arena and see how well you do. Cause I tried FT in arena paired with IG. It was the easiest shit I have played yet still topped the dmg in those games, that was also in shit gear and shit gear score. Average Andy complains about the Bow but if they tried it themselves they would get clapped, or be absolutely useless for their team in both arena and opr. Besides all that if something Fire Staff needs a rework but definitely not a buff.