Nerf grav well CC way to OP

If your caught in a grav well from GA most of the time your gonna end up dead.
you basically cant do anything when hit with CC from GA and evryone is just gonna gang up on u
how about nerfing the CC effects but giving GA more damg instead


Meh, IG cc is way more op. AGS should nerf that first


You are the guy talking about i said stuff about what counters my build?? rofl

you talk about grav CC (what CC if i can ask). That ability literaly doesnt have any CC anymore you can escape it by running past it even if it hits you directly on center (you just need to be out within the first 0.75 seconds). and then if you cant manage to do so, you have 2 seconds to run out of it while you can still dodge / use potions, swap weapons inside even when standing inside it.

Nice mage reply, sometimes i shame myself from playing mage. imagine playing a spec that only flaming people are playing. Again i can only reffer to try make a proper BALANCE post if you have to make a post with actual facts. imagine to claim a grav well CC “(what cc)” is way to op :open_mouth:


Another ranged player died…


Grav well is obviously OP. Ice wall maybe needs a very slight nerf or at least less desync problems.


Greataxe has gap closing ability, high damage that needs no skill shot to connect, and Gravity Well.

Ice Gauntlet on the other hand just have the one CC.

Funny how people are crusading for Ice Gauntlet nerfs. When they can avoid it by not mindlessly chasing a Mage down. Meanwhile Gravity Well can be throw from almost 75% max render range.

Like why is there a melee weapon that’s better at ranged combat then a Mage ranged weapon.

Gravity Well and Ice Shower should be switch out.


Grav well hits me for like 2k in light armor, which seems excessive. Why does a CC ability inflict considerable damage? Doesn’t make sense.


The current meta is absolutely ass.


Gravity well is absurdly OP. Might aswell rename New World to World of Gravity Wells.


Both are op. Let’s just fix roots…


Grav well = sure death for most light players. It’s ridiculous.


The best solution.

Grav Well should be a mage weapon skill and Ice Shower should be converted to replace Grav Well.

I doubt many GA users would like this, but they’ll still continue claiming how oppressive Ice Shower is.


edit to add: Ice Shower is like an IQ test within this game. You need to be north of 90 to figure out how to avoid it.


If you’re in light you shouldn’t be getting hit with gravity well. I’ve been heavy or medium for 99% of my playtime, I’ve been messing around with light much of the last week in OPR and I’ve been caught in an almost zero number of gravity wells. You can roll away from it so easily.


I’m so fucking pissed at this meta if you dodge one gravity well you get 3 more and can’t forget all the icestorms you have to avoid as well.


what kinda build do you play in your light set? I agree that gravity well can be dodged quite easily in 1v1 situations where you see them coming, but in mass pvp like wars etc that wont be the thing. Many builds also require you to get up and close to be useful. You can also be hit by gravity well as a follow up cc. I guess you dont play much pvp, or you’re probably a musket player.


I’ve been playing both rapier/musket and last night tossed together a spear/hatchet build. Still had far more issues with ice shower than grav well as spear/hatchet. And since my main build uses grav well I know how easy it is to avoid it, I mostly throw it as a feint or just because if it’s not inside an outpost or in war since it’s not going to hit people in the field lol



How is that clueless, I’ve literally been on both sides of grav well, and have run hundreds of OPR since the patch most recently changing it.

Whatever dude. I stopped taking you seriously when you said that you have far more issues with ice shower than gravity well, lmao. Im also playing gravity well from time to time, and I know how easy they are to land, unless you just mindlessly throw them around. You do know that if you get hit with an ice shower its likely that you can be hit with a follow up gravity well also right? Dodge wont help you then. Stop being desperate please, this meta is not fun, and its surprising to me that its fun for gravity well defenders like yourself.


gravity well is NOTHING compared to the cc from the ice gauntlet. that freezing line… yeah that’s death. the gauntlet seems to do nothing. imo