Nerf grav well CC way to OP

You must be on a server with bad players if you land grav wells easily, lol…


Im usually fighting in the center where it matters. Im not sitting 200 meter away with a musket bragging to be hard to hit with gravity well, lmao. Im on a high pop server btw, our server has probably some of the strongest companies in EU.
Sad to hear that you find it hard to hit with gravity wells though dude. Being your main build and all:( I suggest you stay away from fps games, if hitting a gravity well is hard for you.


I’m on a high pop server, which currently has more on than all but one of the EU servers peaked earlier tonight. The only time you land grav well easily is in the big mass. If you’re not in the outpost, you’re not landing grav well unless the people are bad. That’s what I’ve said this entire time. Meanwhile ice shower can be used all over the place, whether it be in the center (which is why an IG/GA meta is happening) or out in the field anytime melee are coming after you.


I guess you’re not aware that you need to get up close to land ice showers, wow. Gravity well can also be used on players that dont have their attention on you. Play some pvp mate, this is getting ridiculous. Noone cares that you can avoid gravity wells with your musket build.

To put it like you would do. I played some OPRs last night where I used some different builds. I didnt get hit by a single ice shower. I simply just walk away when I see a mage. Not a single shower hit me xD


I like how I mention I played some musket and you think my entire PvP experience is musket now, rofl. You don’t land grav wells on anyone in light armor unless they’re being stupid and sitting in the mosh pit not dodging, they’re very easy to avoid with that light roll. I can lead someone on with my grav well and they still easily iframe right through the grav well area.

You are just bad at hitting your gravity wells, lmao.


Nope. They are super easy to avoid by anyone in light armor. That’s the entire purpose of light armor, and why the meta in OPR is almost everyone in light armor.

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Guess Im just really good then.

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No, the people you’re playing against are really bad. If you’re landing grav well on a light armor player, the light armor player is bad.

Maybe the light armor player I hit are trying to be useful instead of playing his musket from 200 meters away (unlike some others), lmao. I suggest you go and play some OPR and try learn a thing or two, you wont get any better by being a Gravity Well simp on the forums.
Every thing is black or white for you.

Anyways, its been an honor messaging with an experienced light armor user, that played musket/rapier and hatchet/spear for one evening without being hit by gravity well a single time! While on the other hand running into every single ice shower he encountered. Truly impressive.
I need to go now, its been a pleasure little boy:)


Love the contradictions in your very same post. You say I just play a musket while saying you know I mentioned spear/hatchet, while saying I’m the one thinking in terms of black and white, rofl. All while assuming you know how I play musket. Amazing the assumptions you make every step of the way. Guessing that’s why you’re leaving, you’re only able to make things up and you’re out of imagination or something?

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ga honestly could use the lesser used abilities to be reworked instead of buffing grav well any further


its just a bunch of low geared, unskilled players crying because they cant run and shoot melee players to death lol. I, like you have played with all 3 armor types, melee, dex and mage, grav well is on the lowest of the roots its super simple to get out of it, scream would probably be highest on my list but it did get a cooldown nerf so it seems to balance it out nice. Note to op and anyone else “well if i get grav welled and grouped im dead” well no build is supposed to survive being hit by 3-4 people. I know if your raipers and so no you were able to run and kite very easy but now youre gonna need some skill and gear.


Whats your GS right now ?

ye but thats it… remove ice shower, give me a dmg spell

This comment is the truth, why does Great Axe have charge i.e. best gap closer and longest range escape in Heavy Armor… and it also has Gravity Well which is best long range CC in the entire game… How did you come to those abilities on this melee weapon?


Damn i hope some of you play on Barri so i Can ice shower you all, gonna tbag every single player who g’ets killed after i showered Them from now. Amazing how one sided mage players Can be

Hope you all bring rapiers for the future Wars or you Will be locked Down for 3 seconds and bombed


same with scream and ice shower

why should only 2 weapons have a good root?

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So because u are terrible at trowing grav wells you complain about ice shower an ability where u need to run into yourself. These all sound like you problems.

any other great balance suggestions?