Nerf Gravity well... and Ice shower

Developers, don’t you play your own game?


They are both fine as is.

GA/IG build?

If they’re fine, buff other weapons so they have an AOE cc with instakill dps.

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What is your build ?

says the weapon user… lol

Varies from Dex light/medium spear/bow
To STR light/medium/heavy spear/hatchet/sns.

Id prefer spear/bow but if there are a lot of GA/IG it’s just not viable.

I’m assuming you will defend the GA/IG.

Tell me how you rank the weapons, if all things are equal, player skill, GS, attributes etc.

I am VG/IG.

I don’t care about GA/IG builds. They do no damage with IG, and if they want to go toe to toe with me, I am more than happy to oblige. It’s actually what I want.

it isnt for damage its to set up massive damage combos on the GA.

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Yeah I mean anyone who uses either IG or GA.

Which makes me wonder anyone not use grav well or ice shower? OPR is just an AoE fest.

OK, but why do you want to punish mage players because Great Axe players use it?

That makes no sense.

why did they punish rapier mains because every other class was using it to run away with.

sorry that was an easy Alley-oop.

but no really. easy way to not do exactly that is to start scaling abilities based on its main stat.


a GA using it with zero int will get ZERO benifits from it

a full int boi (well at least 200+) should still get the same amount of CC.

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Mages are pretty strong at the moment.

This is the meta imo at the moment.

Melee - GA/WH
Short- IG/LS or FS
Long - Musket

Thats a really good idea, utility skills should scale based on attributes.

But then STR needs a nerf too.

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