Nerf great axe & gravity well

That sh… is unbalanced asf the light attack alone has to much dmg and gravity well is just an useless skills that wil make people keep quitting the game. Once you are trapped inside you can’t move till the skill is over but try it when 4 eedjiots with great axe keep light attacking your back. Just delete that weapon from game


What weapon do you play?


It isn’t the GA… for sure.
I say they should buff all the weapons until they’re all massively overpowered… that’d make all the weapons worth having.

GA it could do with maybe moving the skills around abit… so you don’t get as powerful as quickly…but it certainly shouldn’t be nerfed… rapier, spear, bow, ice, life, fire, void are all good and bad in different ways… ags need to stop nerfing to balance and start overbalancing by buffing them.

I personally use Sword/Shield, Life, Fire, Void, Rapier, Spear and Musket. Sometimes GA or GH. Rarely the Hatchet… as it really is op.


Only Amazon is powerful enough to create Schrödingers Great Axe.

Its OP and Useless at the same time, its superposition is even beyond super, because it wont snap into one specific state, even if you’re measuring it.

I call it UBERPosition


The world cried for a nerf to Great Axe and AGS delivered multiple nerfs to the Great Axe. But it’s still too strong for you, because it has a CC that allows multiple players to hit you when caught in it - oh, I don’t know, just like CC effects from other weapon abilities. /yawn

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Never ask for nerfs. Ask to buff other things with examples of why.


Bro. This comment is too much rn. Lol!!! Nice job

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It’s the root, the root itself as an ability is just too powerful rn. Whether it comes from grav well or the VG scream, being stuck, not able to move for 3 sec is just certain death when facing more than 1 opponent. You can’t block much and you can’t dodge, you’re a sitting duck.

They need to rethink the whole rooting thing or just provide one to each and every weapon so it’s “balanced”.

Greataxe has a perk that makes heavy attacks PULL targets In closer. And it also has a perk that makes it so if you pull someone they are rooted.

I’ve tested this with heavy attacks and can confirm. No one is getting rooted.

The root doesn’t even work.

If you take this ability off and use gravity well, it still ROOTS targets in place… I thought this thing pulled targets to its center but it doesnt… npcs can just walk out of it… and, players are rooted upon contact even when you don’t have the root perk enabled… nothing is functioning as intended.

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Troll thread. Reported

I’m playing with the bow ‘close combat’ but once they patch the jump i’m stopping with that shit game, bow was for once a good weapon and now they gonna delete it

Think autor of that post need to fight with no weapon ppl to win xD GA is broken, reap - broken, GW - broken (every sright player is just evade frome it or use mobility skill, while ice wall is OP with no chance to escape) So GA right now is underdog, and some 1 need to learn how to a play better lol =)

Bro HOW CAN IT BE A TROLL THREAD? You are just one of those GA eedjiots probably that is good with how it is bcuz he plays with great axe whole the time and being such a L by saying there is nothing wrong with Great-axe

reap is useless for GA always teleporting u back impossible to hit a light attack while running after someone with this dsyc

Bro ice gauntlet, great axe, void gauntlet and life staff are such a pain rn and so OVERfckingPowered, and they still want to nerf the bow jump while it was the first time that bow was decent not even OP just decent.

Grav well and all other roots in this game are fine. For those that say oh you must be great axe player I run. S/S spear. So I’m not.

Reason they are fine most weapons have a right click block. Or some form of ability to counter for instance rapier has riposte. Rifle has trap.
You have two weapon slots for a reason to cover weakness of first
If you are trapped in a grav well and multiple people hitting you ofc you gonna die
You just need to find weapon pairings to help cover weakness.
If you run bow I would suggest trying it with spear as an option. You can sweep and knock down enemy when they come to hit you and cc them till grav is over then dodge out
It can be frustrating yes but if it’s 1v1 you can just counter cc them and survive.
Try different builds to cover these weaknesses and experiment

Best of luck in future dueling is your friend to learn how to counter such skills

If you dont like going against GA, go light armor. Dodge roll when they do their moves. You can hear the gravity well even if its from behind you. As soon as you hear it, dodge roll. I wasn’t able to get away with medium or heavy, but with light, I get away and I’m slippery. Havent been hit with one yet.

Its pretty simple really. People want to play medium and heavy but never get caught up, but will. People in light want to never take damage, but be slippery. You gotta choose which one yah prefer.

I go light armor with all opal. The muskets destroy me, but I can hold me own against mages and Im slipper against mele. Its my choice. I wont cry about muskets being nerfed cause I know this is the life Ive chosen. I am paper and musket is scissors. The only way Ill ever win is if I hit more shots or I get close enough where they cant aim and shoot me in the head (which is not very often).

Just learn the game and each weapon and choose your playstyle.

If you hate being hit ever, go musket and when you see someone coming toward you, RUN. Dont get caught, cause once you do, youre dead.

If you never want to die and just watch everyone shiver in disgust, roll Lifestaff. Survive the ages with your heals and heavy armor.

blah blah blah. Every class is pretty balanced. Bow will be amongst the balance soon with the PTR and VG will have the slide removed on the next patch too. So, itll be much more balanced.

Bro every of your word was for me like blah blah blah you dont know anything you are probably a c3nt that runs heavy armor with GA and S&B, With the PTR IS THE BOW GONNA BE DEAD NOT BALANCED, and dodging the gravity isnt a problem the problem is that once you inside you cant move like 10 seconds the same goes with that shiet ice wall and VG bs spell, pls do not anwser this thread if you are a eedjiot jesus thats why this game died the only thing in this game is pvp

Do not answer this thread if you are playing with great axe bcuz its obvious you dont want it to be nerfed lol

I dont have to see it to know how u play, GA is OP and skills are bugged, maybe not asmuch a Void Gauntlet but it is. I dont take such a insult from a Bison nuts sucker.