Nerf Greataxe or I quit

Please for the love of god, nerf Greataxe in pvp. How Greataxe made it through all the betas and alpha without getting nerfed in insanity.

Greataxe has literally everything for pvp, insane damage, insane gap closing, insane speed and mobility, a 3 second hard cc that only like 2 abilities can get you out of. And all of this while wearing full heavy armor with 0 punishment.

Please, nerf Bloodlust, there is no reason it needs a 30% movement speed which is basically permanent in pvp, if you get within 15m of somebody, there is nothing they can do to make range and get away. - Make this a 10% movement speed buff instead of 30%, start there.

Add diminishing returns on reap and gravity well, 90% of the population runs full heavy armor with greataxe and they all group up, they just stagger gravity wells and reaps and there is nothing you can do to get away.

How anybody can look at the greataxe tree and think it’s even remotely balanced is insanity. It has everything, there is 0 downside to gaxe other than it’s slow swing, and it’s actually not even that slow.

I will be quitting or not participating in pvp if nothing is changed, greataxe is straight up busted. There isn’t a single downside to wearing full heavy with a greataxe. Please, nerf this shit before others quit as well.

Looking through the forums and reddit people have been complaining about this since the beginning of the games existence and nothing has been done about it.

The only viable build in pvp is greataxe, life staff or ice gauntlet. Anything else is just far inferior and not viable.

When you walk around and see 90% of the population using a single weapon, there is a problem with that. And then all of this gets 10x times worse when people are grouping up and they’re all using greataxe.

I can 1v1 a greataxe user sure, but if there are more than 1 there is literally nothing you can do.

Suggested nerfs:

  • Nerf bloodlust from 30% to 10% movement speed increase
  • Make bloodlust 20m instead of 15m
  • Add diminishing returns on well and reap cc’s (do this for all weapon cc’s if need be including ice wall and spear stuns)

All other weapons have a downside except life staff and greataxe.

  • Rapier has great mobility but can only duel for short periods
  • Spear abilities and stuns are extremely easy to dodge
  • etc.

As of right now the only thing you can do is “can’t beat them join them” with greataxe. I’m so sick of running around and running into groups of full heavy armor greataxe users.

Fix the 20% damage that light armor is supposed to give, currently it’s nowhere close to 20%.

Add a movement speed penalty to heavy armor, its too tanky and paired with a greataxe there isn’t a single downside.

I know the game hasn’t been out for a long time but come on man, the greataxe is fucking busted, its nowhere close to being balanced and all other weapons are far inferior to it in pvp.

Fix this or many people will quit doing pvp including myself. Cringe af that the game made it through multiple betas and people have always been complaining about this and nothing was done to fix it.



Lol… You think Gaxe is the most OP weapon in PvP? Kay… :rofl:


Never once did I say it was the most OP, and if you read that you would see that. What I’m saying is, it’s broken, it’s not balanced. Simple as that, and if you think otherwise you’re either in denial or are using the gaxe yourself.


I just gave up using gaxe last night been using it since day 1 to use hammer, now hammer… that needs a nerf… pair it with a Spear or sword and shield and its insane how much you are locked down,


I don’t even mind great axe except for the bug with gravity well atm, which will literally stun you for the entire duration of the skill if you touch even the edge sometimes. Many people take advantage of this.

Yeah, I agree, but only in low pvp numbers like running faction quests or just open world pvp. Its just stupidly strong with very little skill to use involved. I run into the same thing on my server, like 90% of open world pvp players are just running at me with a great axe mashing buttons.

Half the weapons are buggy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a Gravity Well issue. Although, I’m not so sure you are not more salty on the overuse of GW because it is a great strategy to keep one person or a group locked down. Most people would not survive 2x Great Axes from players who are staggering their skills (yes, they use voice chat and call out those type of plays). It’s part of the strategy.

Regarding the Bloodlust speed comment, I agree there should be a slight speed penalty, or a reduction to the amount of time Bloodlust it is active (i.e. not permanent, but only active for 5-10 secs within 15m of facing enemy with a 30 sec or so cooldown). The heavy armor portion of your comment is irrelevant, as all classes can use it. That would also mean that any other class that has a haste skill would also need to be penalized for wearing Heavy Armor, which defeats the purpose of having haste to begin with.

Life staff and Hammer need to be fixed before this. I’ve never been frustrated by a great axe as much as I have the fact that you can’t kill anyone with a life staff, and a surge of warhammers can just spam people off the point in pvp.


There are multiple aoe skills that can knock people off point, Wind Chill from Ice Gauntlet (which not a lot of people use), Incinerate from Fire Staff, Reap from Great Axe, and Cyclone from Spear. If multiple people used all those skills together, it would be similar result…

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I’m not sure if OP is a lifestaff heavy armor user or what but this thread should be nerf lifestaff heavy armor or I quit


They do not need to nerf heavy armor they need to buff the other armpit sets to how they are supposed to work. Also I agree with the great axe being nerfed but I also believe they need to do a complete double check and rework on each ability for war hammer juggernaut tree the great axe mauler tree and the Hatcher thrower tree these are the most useless weapon trees i have ever played in currently just testing out every weapon and with every weapon that I test out there’s an ability or multiple passives that just serve no use in combat it’s really stupid I feel like every weapon upgrade point should be spent knowing that it’s going to benefit you in future combat.

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Threatening leave the game if a change you want that isn’t a broken thing should not work.


Bye o/


Or you quit?

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Every game has to have a Low-Intensity build so that people that are in some way disabled or have a hard time gaming can have fun as well.

Greataxe is the LI build for New World. :wink:

Funny I thought that was the healing staff. Put heal at feet. Become unkillable. Sick game.

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Bye bye :blush:

It’s already too late, half of my server plays with it. Weapon for newbies, how do you nerf a weapon for half of your clients, potentially a not very smart type of client which is good for the future monetization of the game


Wait until you see fire staff and Ice gauntlets. They hard counter GA

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Your heavily implying it is OP bc you went so far to be dramatic to say your going to quit. Clearly you have never played a mmo or any game that has balancing in it. Maybe hello kitty iland adventure would be better for you?