Nerf greatsword

So fucking stupid strong is the greatsword. It also has some weird lagg issues. Everyone uses it and it makes it a fkin joke for everyone else


they know. problem is thousands of new players think they are good because they can left click and ags gave them a busted entry build.

but ya at this point id be highly surprised they don’t nerf it.

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Which weapons do you play?

Yeah it’s so strong it’s unbelievable. I put my GS build together the other day:

  • Abilities and heavies hit for 2-3k per hit.
  • Easily applied rend, empower, and haste.
  • Extremely strong disease
  • Heal 25% hp and 25 stamina every 10 seconds.
  • Can run attune/damage ring, no keen needed since it has guaranteed crits.
  • Heal for 1k+ HP on heavy attacks.
  • Instant stam regen abilities
  • Multiple staggers
  • Tracking that makes launch GA look like a pool noodle

Honestly the only downside is you can’t hang out in clump fights, but you couldn’t do that with FS or spear anyways. While it’s obviously overpowered af, it is pretty nice to be able to easily delete dex/rapier rats.

Edit: Oh and also 5 stacks of bleed lmao


Im sure you can guess.

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I think if they just reduced the tracking some the GS would be fine.

XD It’s true, I was a healer, 150 concentration, 100 strength, 100 dexterity and hit 3k, it made me laugh to see how broken it is, they must do a nerf of 50% of the damage, it happened with the void and they didn’t learn.

I think this assessment is entirely inaccurate.

the other day i tried out a greatsword and i sometimes died when i was killing entire groups of people with it with very little resistance, mostly just killed a lot of people but occasionally died here and there. Like when i was eating my sandwich i was struggling a little bit with the clicking sometimes.

It’s obviously perfectly balanced.


haha that weapon is busted

Unironically you can play one handed GS. I’ll do it in arena or duel when the last enemy is low hp.

Just hold down LMB to spam heavies and watch as your character chases them, hilariously busted.



I’m a career melee, i knew when GA was unga busted, and i absolutely positively smell all the different kinds of cheese being excreted from all those greatswords everywhere.

It’s not even in the same class as the other melee weapons. It might as well be considered a semi-mid range with that lunge.

I mean, it looks great, it even feels great to play. It’s easy, you don’t have to do anything complicated and it just blends whatever is in your way. It’s beyond busted for what it does and how hard it hits. There’s no way it stays like it is.


Greatsword is great sword!

Nonsense feedback.

Nerfing everything would be a disaster.
Everything should feel strong and useful.

Idk what server are you playing but GS can’t do anything against GA/WH + IG/VG in group fights.

It’s only strong in small scale fights and duels, but very beatable if you know what you’re doing




Problem is, it’s not as simple as greatsword VS X combo.

It’s Greatsword/X + X combo VS your combination of favored weapons.

At least what i’ve been witnessing is there is no melee combo that isn’t better with a greatsword. It simply can’t be out traded, and you cannot NOT trade with it when they want to.

There are a myriad of combinations of course, but that’s just the current scene on my server.


gs has turned scrubs into absolute beasts


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You swap the spear for a gs yet? So op for chase

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nah that spinning move is impossible to dodge and eats up light players with ease. If the light changes werent a thing than I don’t think its op but relentless rush is busted for sure

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They need to nerf the bow and musket. It’s just OP at this point and it’s being crazy overplayed. Great sword is strong but it’s not completely OP.

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