Nerf heal in PVP

As a DD i don’t see the way to overdammage the heal of a healer. On Outpost Rush there are people in full heavy healing themselves on points. We need 3+dd to kill him. They can be an unkillable piece of stone just standing and capturing point without any risk. It’s not ok at all.


Let me elaborate, learn to play. Use stuns CCs etc. I get smoked now that the res bugs have been addressed. OpR is a zerg fest that shouldn’t be used as a Guage for anything.

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No… this is not a heal problem. Nerf heavy armor instead.

DPS should not be expecting to 1v1 a competent healer. And by healer I don’t mean “DPS with no FOC and a life staff secondary”. The day DPS can reliably 1v1 healers of roughly equal skill, gear and stat allocations is the day healing becomes useless in PvP.



If healers are easy to kill, healers will just be deleted in the start of every fight by DPS…

Healers don’t do damage, so stop complaining about their defense capabilities.

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Yeah, but 3+DD can’t kill one guy it’s not ok. He’s stunned ? He doesn’t care - he’s in healing ground. Perfect solution is too boost more heal in light and nerf heal in heavy armor.

Yes, multiple DPS - especially in a situation you describe here where a healer has been stunned - should absolutely be able to focus fire and drop a healer. I agree completely.

Healing should be more like it is in D&D 5E or Overwatch ( as examples), weaker than the incoming damage. It shouldn’t be the healer’s job, or even possible, for a healer in a five man group to keep everyone at 100% against an equally equipped group (or its mob equivalent).

If you get seriously injured, you should get out of the line of fire while your healer focuses on you to get you healed back up, and has to ignore other people while doing so.

AoEs (both damage and heal) are the worst parts about PvP in this game. Go into an Outpost Rush and you can watch your health go from 100% → 10% → 50% → 25% → 100% all while you get bounced around by hammer knockdowns and gravity wells.

Combat has gone way downhill since the early alphas, and healing is just part of it.

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