Nerf healing potions

This is fun to play in the end game pvp. People eat healing potions every 2 seconds like it’s tic tacs.

I heard potions have a cool down. They removed it?

Nope they still have a cooldown… Heck mobs take healing potions.

Of course the potion drop from mobs. At a higher rate than the craft reagents but that is another topic

Lets nerf everything until PvP becomes a 1 hit kill and whoever hits first wins.

Just use your own healing potions and stop complaining.

Omfg as a Tank i detest those bastards lol
They are the one elite mob type i hate soloing, And I’ll happily solo the damn Myrkgard demons at the door.

They absolutely need a longer wind up animation for that stupid heal >_<
I can see them raise their hand and smash Shield Bash but the healing animation is faster than Shield Bash applies its stun T_T

On topic though!
No, Potions are not OP. Especially in PvP.
However, what IS a little over the top is the quickslot stack size for them.
With 400 potions in my hand, i can heal for days on that alone.

Probably the ONLY thing that needs to happen is to reduce each Potion (NOT FOOD) stack size to 5 in the Quickslots.

This means you can carry a maximum of 20 of the best healing potion across all 4 slots.
Obviously, You can replenish those stacks even midfight, but that requires you stop dead, open the inventory (Which you get knocked out of if you get hit AFAIK) and manually drag in the potion to a slot.
If someone managed to do that without a cheat/macro while I’m stabbing them in the ass, I’ll praise them for their speed lol.

Potions would remain powerful tactical options while limiting their use in long drawn out fights to prevent an infinite cycle of potions on both sides.
Would even serve to make Raids (If they ever do them in future) and Expeditions a bit tougher on Healers, as replenishing the mana pot supply means risking being stood still and not focused on the fight.

I can get behind this.

You maybe suggesting adding a sec or two on the CD the stronger they are? Because I’m still b using weak potions…nerf me and I’ll just drink water for the same results lmao

Really I don’t know how anyone would solo without food and potions heal boost as the mobs would respawn faster than You recover

You got 30 seconds to kill someone before they can take another potion and food chomping not only exposes then for a backstab but won’t regain fast enough to make much of a difference .

In PvP healing is supposed to make you angry when someone gets it and happy when you get it… that just shows your immersed

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