Nerf heavy armor for DDs / Glasscannons

Healers got „kinda“ forced to either wear medium or even light. No healer wears light not even in PvE, because either you’re a 2-3hit kill or you need to put many points into CON wasting the boost you got from wearing light armor because of less points into FOC.

Why can’t we do the same with DDs especially GLASScannons? You can’t tell me it’s right for someone to go FULL STRENGTH but to be able to wear heavy armor, making him a tank even without the need of spending points into CON. Where is the GLASS in GLASScannon then? The GLASShealers got nerfed to the ground and forced to wear shit armor, while everyone else gets to be a huge dps tank monster. Revert the old lifestaff nerfs and give the heavy armor a (huge) healing and (medium) damage debuff. Maybe a debuff for specific weapons, to not nerf tanks using sword and shield. Medium should give you no healing buff or damage buff. Light should give you a healing and damage buff.

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