NERF ILLEGAL ITEM but wait there is more :D!

Allright lets nerf the ring

But why add an event allowing u to craft ONLY ILLEGAL ITEMS vicous chain ice + keen jagged last two are illegal together !

That is simply OUUUUUTTRRAAAAAGOUUUUS :exploding_head:


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This is AGS, nerf 1 ring for being illegal combo and in the same heartbeat introduce full shop of illegal items… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Those are not “illegal” combinations tho, they have different Labels.

the lack of communication is just… like they just need to post something like: ok in the future we gonna fix all the illegal combination items. cause right now people dont know if they should aim and grind for it or not i mean the illegal items

heart of… is illegal it needs nerf because keen awareness and slash damage shouldn’t exist on the same ring. Yet legates ring is fine :slight_smile:

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