Nerf medium armor

Dodge is the most broken mechanic this game has. Combine that with medium armor that only gives around 10% less damage reduction compared to heavy and there’s no point in using heavy armor in PVP.

I used to PVP in heavy armor and recently I changed to medium…there’s not even a competition.

I can dodge easier than light, take the same damage as heavy and deal 20 % more damage compared a heavy armor user. This is insane.

No wonder balance is broken in this game. I was under the impression I was bad at PVP only to change to medium and win 9/10 fights with melee players. Put on a shield and you can deal easily with range as well.

You seriously need to rework the armor values or something because this is just dumb


I think locking armor sets would be good. Medium armor requires all medium armor, stuff like that. Only thing I say is the stats on voidbent. Medium is Dex, that would render medium voidbent irrelevant to str users.

I personally think the ability to use the faction seal to change stats on any piece of gear should be added, but that’s just me.

If you had to use only medium armor in a medium build that gap in tankiness would become greater.


That may be one way. I get 1.9k armor in medium. Compared to the 2.6k armor I have in heavy, the difference doesn’t seem much as I believe the armor reduction gets lower after a certain point.

I think they wanted to give some room to include a shield and still be within a certain armor threshold but people just find it easier to combine armors and get insane values like I just mentioned

I guess this is why some builds are op (vg and ls) Insane armor with damage and healing + i frame at will

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They could move up the values for med and light because half the bar currently is just for heavy

Just make shield non gear class related. Have it cancel light armor buffs if equipped.

I hope the next one who wants a “nerf” gets hit by lightning.


Oh, my bad. Should I change the title to buff heavy armor and light armor ?


Hey, why not

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Yes please.

Because in PvP, nobody is happy.

Some players thing heavy is OP, others guess light is OP.

For all them, anyting they not use, is OP.


Dodge as easy as light, no, la rolls and fleches away and jukes 10 people and can dip mid combat never to be seen again. Tank as much as heavy, again, big no, heavy has 600 or more in either slot. Quit trying to ask them to nerf everything. This is why the game is in a bad spot.


good god what’s next, demand they nerf the roads because they’re too flat & even?

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600 or more what? The difference in resistances between heavy and medium are about 10%, armor rating doesn’t mater that much

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How are you getting 1.9k is that total or is it both phy and ele at 1.9k because with all 595+ gear I’m hovering around 1.3k for both phy and ele

Light head, heavy chest, heavy pants, light hands, medium boots. with 200 con you can reach 1.9k if using the heavy set

1900 physical, 1100 elemental

I go up depending on which set i use either 600 armor or ele res when i go from med to heavy. Not sure why youre low balling that. Heavy aside you nerf medium and uncatchable light armor players will be even worse. As it stands now you use a dash or mobility ability get a shot off and they can just dip lol. Light armor is the issue not med. Medium plays as it should. Stop trying to nerf everything, the game is headed to a bad spot already due to low tier players complaining about stuff thats actually working as intended.

I guess it that 200 con perk that gives more armor because I’m 150 and being more into one type then the other

Light armor builds are an issue because of the rapier, not because of the armor.

Here is a picture with some average armor that is not upgraded. After the upgrade to 600 I will pass 1800, at 625 I get even more.

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medium armor is surely broken, but i prefer fix doing it:

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I agree with that. All pieces should be heavy, medium or light to get into that category.

The biggest piece equipped determine your category. Like 4 lights and 1 heavy, sorry but you are considered as heavy.

As of now, medium abuse of this problem by having 2 heavy, 2 medium and 1 light, and by using this trick, they get way more armor than if they were forced to use all medium pieces (I’m a medium user myself and clearly think there is a problem with this).

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