Nerf musket in opr plz

Please fix the musket in opr.other role players hate the musket because he shoots from high places and long distances. It’s no fun if you find a lot of muskets in the opr.
No other role will be able to fight the musket.


It’s no fun when you find a bunch of healers and they just keep everyone around them at full health with a few clicks on their keyboard. Give me a break man.

Use Gems with Thrust Protection + Physical Aversion and Thrust Protection perks

and btw Muskets already nerfed on 20% its dmg at this Patch

Muskets and bows definitely ruin OPR for the average player. Part of that is bc the average player runs out the middle door every single time and strait to mid or home base if triple capped instead of use the other door and go to the enemy base.

No i dont play either. Im a filthy hatchet/gs or mage/BB player.

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The musket nerf we have been waiting for months yeah big nerf…

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Musket damage has not been nerfed 20%. Where did you even get this figure?

lmao just nerf ME and we will go back in times where musket was niche

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