Nerf the Bow OP right now

Bow is the highest hitting weapon in game and so much op right now. In outpost rush every second person plays bow because you can easily crit 5k dmg. Saw users even crit 6k above.

Its just utterly broken and outdamages every other weapon.

I made the try myself. Bought cheap armour from ah, reskilled to dex, equipped a bow (510 gs, weapon lvl 13) and went to outpost rush. With that low stats i managed to get crits up to 4.6k dmg. This is ridicolous. I could 2 shot players from 30 meter distance.

The bow is way to strong compared to other weapons. And the argument “yeah but you have to aim bla bla” is not valid. I have to aim with life or firestaff too and crit 2k to 3k there.


Is this a joke? Your last sentence invalidates everything. Hitbox for life and firestaff is literally 3-4 times as large as it is for arrows. Having to aim IS valid. Highest skill ceiling weapon in the game.


With life staff I have to aim center mass since there are no head shots. With bow for max damage I need to hit a head shot and the hit box is wonky AF. Bow does not need nerfing. Stop crying every time you get killed.


Bow heavy is way easier to land than firestaff heavy because of projectile speed and with max dex you don’t even need to land headshots which removes the skill requirement.


The bow is op? This is literally the first time in over 400 hours ive played that ive heard this. All ive seen up to this point is how under powered the bow and musket are.

Are players just yelling this craziness out just for spite now when they get owned by a weapon?


Ofcourse Bow is OP. Atleast in Outpost Rush.

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New Word forums:
Lifestaff OP, Bow OP, GAxe OP, Hammer OP, Firestaff OP, Ice Gauntlet OP, Hatchet OP.

So only Sword, Rapier, and Spear are not OP? Got it.


Yes bow and musket are OP now, I an a tank a they hit me 6k…


Player characters are OP


Maybe its time for people to stop claiming everything is OP and face some facts, not all of us are the best PvPer of all time and maybe when we lose its not because the other guy has OP weapons and armor. Maybe its just you got out played.


To me main reason bow heavy is easier to land is because you can hold the shot, lifestaff charges and shoots. Still harder to hit a headshot because the hit box issues.

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Meanwhile everyone’s laughing how a head shot crit hits less now than a standard attack.


That is going to get fixed. Might be March of 2022 but it will.

Gaxe op.


Thats exactly what im talking about. And you have no chance to get away from it. After 2 to 3 dodges your stamina regens and you van just run. The bow user can aim freely and just shoot you to death. Doesnt matter if he is 10, 20, or 50 meters away.

Can someone explain to me how or why Bow is said to be so strong?

I wanted to pair my Fire Staff with a Bow (with Int gem) and the damage is laughable. What did I do wrong? Or can Bow only be played with a Dex build?

hatchet is trash. there was a bug which made hatchet op at this time, that wasnt the hatchet is the op, the bug was op, not hatchet itself. but when that bug is gone. now hatchet is almost trash.

People claimed hatchet is OP long before that bug due to Berseker and the resurection ultimate.


and take away berserker from it, probably %99 of hatchet players will quit hatchet.

and hatchet has advantages and disadvantages. u need to be very close to hit enemy and u dont have a shield like sword users. so u will get damage for sure because u cant play from range. so u need health. u dont have any skill for closing the gap between u and other player at pvp, so u need some mobility skill, and u need more damage cuz hatchet without berserker = even worse than trash.

so berserker is there because of these things. but still with berserker hatchet is trash now. i used hatchet before the bug, and now i am using it after the bug. and it hits lower than days which before the bug.

I’m not here to argue whether it’s OP or not. I’m just saying people in the forums have declared it OP in the past.