Nerf the Finger Painting Specs

Today I died to a Maelstrom…

Just a Maelstrom.

Nothing else…

Just a Maelstrom.

624 gs… full resilience, 7180 health. Died to a Maelstrom. That’s it. Was facing the target too.

Just a Maelstrom.

Why is it okay for GA to have access to an AOE capable of doing this kind of damage? This should be SINGLE target damage not AoE. The problem lies in the fact you’ve made GA a paint by numbers weapon. It is ridiculously straightforward and simple, and all the skill involved is landing your two main abilities. What you do the rest of the time they’re doing is inconsequential and doesn’t matter.

Move GA damage away from Gwell and Maelstrom and put it into regular attacks so GA players don’t get to paint by numbers. Give them stuff to do while they wait for their CDs. Maybe make it so Maelstrom literally cannot 1 shot someone or a lot of someones.

wait until fall in a stun chain after a 50 meters sword jump… SO FUN

Yeah the SNS combo builds are equally annoying but require at least a single brain cell. GA players literally just wallow around in team fights with their pants around their ankles then can toss out a Well or you get tripped up by someone else and then they maelstrom and poof. You get deleted.

The only time I have killed someone in a similar amount of time (nearly instantly) was when I threw a sticky bomb on someone’s back and then pen shot them in the head. Both I would argue, take more skill to land than a Maelstrom.

Maelstorm can Hit decently hard if you spec into double hit maelstorm.

7k HP sounds like glasscannon in light gear, No resilience or physical damage mitigation …

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Isn’t your company run 30-35 GA in wars ?

You’re right, I only have 4.4% physical damage mitigation… Here’s why.

About 99% of scenarios where I get hit by Maelstrom I am in a Gravity Well.

If Maelstrom does 7k to me currently, give or take a couple hundred tops… Having even a respectable 13-14% mitigation it’s still going to hit me for ~6,400. I’ll live…

I won’t live through the grav well which will explode on me at the same time for 2k.

Thus have any physical resistance is 1000% useless.

I have 5 pieces of resilience and I am 624 gear score in light.

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