NERF the Great axe

Great axe needs a huge nerf! IMO it hits wayy too hard for a heavy weapon. its doing almost the same damage as bow and rapier(which are more glass canon builds). They also can build tank and makes it impossible to kill. Especially with their Bloodlust skill, which can close the distance on ranged players so fast and they have a charge skill. A heavy armor build with good attack damage and fast movement that can out run Light armor builds is just too broken. While most dex builds have no movent speed, decent damage, squishy and no escape skill. The games current meta is just Heavy armor and great axe. Bow should get a slight damage increase or armor pen and also change the arrow velocity. Bow only works if you can hit your target. but with the arrow speed so slow you cant even hit them. Fire staff and ice gaunt hits hard and travels fast.


If you can’t zone a player wearing heavy armor as a light armor user you’re playing wrong.


you cant zone, when they get 30% movement speed, gravity well, and and charge. Not only that, they hit 1.5k-2k on Light armor guys whole only have 6k-8k hp. While we only hit 1.5k-2k while they have 9k-12k hp. And if they pair with hachet, they get Lifesteal and damage absorbtion. It’s almost impossible to kill them before they kill you. Going glass cannon build takes 1.5 sec to shoot only to do 2k damage(and thats only if you hit them with bow or musket) while they do 1.5k auto attack.


If you cant run away as a light armor user from a heavy great axe user just uninstall the game. No amount of nerf can compensate for your lack of skills.


The fact is that due to the attraction, the player with the ax passes the distance per hit the same as the player in light armor tumbling. All you need to do with skyra is to halve the pull distance. For example, leave like a spear


Right, i can only out run if i just run like forest gump. if i take any time to do damage. he can close out, and pull me in. The point is, you cant kill them unless you engage. but if you engage they do too much damage. they have all the CC and chase abilities. A good great axe player can easily kill a good bow/musket player. Dex builds just dont do enough damage to out dps and great axe player.


Just keep good distance and his dead, gravity skill is very easy to avoid with dodging execpt situation qhen you got stun from hammer before that would mean you need freedom perks in your gear, gaxe dont have chance with any kite builds and without gravity skill it would be unplayable solo pvp.


right but this is speaking of 1v1. Now put this into a War or OPR game. It makes bow complete trash. with all the heals and defense increase. Tanks are unstoppable. When you get put into random teams with barely and tanks and alot of ranged players. it makes the next 30 minutes dumb af. tanks with a sup just owns the whole game. Ive tried 430 dex and only hitting 1.5k-2k to them. while they can hit me 2k with my 6k-8k hp. It would be nice if bow can hit hard like firestaff. or atleast change the arrow velocity. to make it easier to hit them.


Nevertheless, the great axe probably hits too hard while wearing heavy armor and speced for constitution. It doesn’t make sense these players can be tanky and kill a squishy in 4 to 5 hits, but it takes the squishy like 10+ hits to kill the heavy.

It would be fine for the great axe to hit hard if the user is wearing light or medium armor and speced for strength, but that is not the current situation.


This system looks logical. As in any MMO, classes can compete with each other according to the principle of the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. As far as I understand the idea of ​​the developers, the system was supposed to look like this: heavy armor kills dexseviks, dexeviks beat mages, and mages kill heavy armor.

But with AGS, as usual, everything did not go according to plan :slight_smile: The ax kills everyone, the magicians easily get rid of the melee dex, which can only run.


So you agree Great Axe is overpowered and he shouldn’t expect to be able to fight. Just run.


yes he should not win in melee range , never should a ranged dex build win against a great axe user in head to head melee combat.


This “nerf the last thing that killed me” stuff is really bogus.


right, but dex cant even beat mages. they hit harder than bow players and their fire ball or ice travels wayyyyyy faster than arrows too… also they can just hip fire, while we have to aim. we can only shoot 2 arrows in like 3-4 sec while they can shoot 3-4 times in 3-4 sec.


I mean i can go ahead and play the meta too if i wanted too. but that would take the fun out of the game when everyone runs great axe. when bowers get out dps by mages and melee weaps. something is wrong

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It looks like the new balance will fix it. Now magicians will not be able to kill anyone :slight_smile:



If you makin random teams for war that mean your company sucks. Proper composition is 60% of victory. If you playing bow you have to find a place when you can safely attack oponents take walls highground etc. Btw only 2k from bow I am wearing full heavy and sometimes I got hit like 3,5k to 4k from bows, maybe you need to change your eq cuz it is weak ? Check your perks in every item, item 560 gs with good perks is better than 600 gs with random perks.


I agree bow is hard to use and a skill based weapon but it hits hard if you gear yourself correctly. Watch some of shroud’s gameplay and tell me bow is weak.