Nerf the Greatsword

The Greatsword is unbelievably stupid and strong, and has the exact same problems which the Great Axe had at launch.
It has way too good tracking, can charge you (and apply a stronger slow than any other weapon, on the charge nevertheless), it also gains survivability for some unknown reason, and also simply deals way too much damage.
It is not surprising that in the 3v3 Arena, almost every match is decided on which team brought the most Greatswords. And even in Wars the Greatsword simply exceeds other weapons.
Additionally on it’s Crosscut ability, it gets to change direction after each attack?! Why?!
Spear and Rapier are both tied to one direction in their quick hit abilities, and thus are only very situationally useful, at least in pvp, whereas the Greatsword can simply readjust their move to make up for a dodging target.
Furthermore it can force a critical hit, which also again means that it will heal itself (mind you, no points in focus needed for it to make a difference, unlike VG)
The slow it applies on Relentless Rush, is not only stronger than that of any other weapon (looking at the Bow with Rain of Arrows applying a 15% over 4s slow, which is easier to dodge as well) but the greatsword also gains haste after using any ability, making escape pretty much impossible, even when utilising movement abilities.
I simply dont understand how such a completely overpowered weapon not only made it through the PTR in such a state, but remains to wreak havoc for almost a month at this point, ruining both legacy and fresh servers alike.
It is time to nerf that weapon, and strongly, it is utterly ridiculous that you need to play one weapon to not be at a general disadvantage.
Also while the Greatsword doesnt get nerfed, magic weapons keep getting tuned down, to a point where they have become irrelevant for lvl 60 pvp.

If you want people to leave the game again after reaching max level on fresh servers, this is the way to go.


I started a new game in FSS and i can destroy any greatsword user with musket traps and rapier xD… is so funny to trap them and with 2 shots im back at full health throw them the sticky bomb etc… and i didnt have any problem with the bow and spear… in my main toon im light/med melee and with the WH and GA i can destroy super easy the GS users too… overall the wars are lost without GA because of GW is so important to not use it… tbh the only thing i would change from GS is that heavy attacks are super fast… everything else is good as it is i think… (personal experience)


have you reached max level? cause what you’re describing sounds a lot like lvl 30-40 gameplay, and i’d agree that its easier to deal with them there, since they have less perks unlocked.
My point still stands however

The slow being on the charge is very strong but come on

It’s not the “strongest slow”


Oof just watch out for relentless freedom


yes it is, it is the strongest slow that can be applied by a weapon perk, that is not a full root or stun, i checked through all of them :slight_smile:

What perk would this be.

May I introduce you to our actual Lord of slowing?

No weapon perk required. Perk makes it even nastier.


its the basic perk, the ability itself that already applies the slow, and another perk later adds a root.
and i dont count apparatus because it knocks the user self back which already puts it in a whole different spot than relentless rush which literally puts you in front of the target you’re hitting.
Of course apparatus can be followed up with Claw shot, but that requires way more skill to hit than to simply hold left click a couple times after hitting with relentless rush. Aparatus and Claw shot can also both be relatively easily dodged since they only have a very short window in which they’d hit, unlike relentless rush which can even hit the same target twice(!) because apparently that was a good idea.
And plus, we all know BB is also too strong, lets not pretend it is well balanced.


You don’t have to let it push you back for one, and the slow is strong enough that it might as well put you in front of the enemy, you can just walk up to them literally.

I’m not saying that net is “better” overall but it does actually have the best slow in the game. You hit someone with it and they are S L O W E D. almost as good as a root for the first few seconds. Especially with it’s weapon perk

I mean really just use both tbh. Disgusting

Yeah lvl 60+ but im trying to create a build around traps because when i was lvl 40 as you say i killed so much lvl 60s even in a 2v1 situation and a 3v1 once (they were med and i was light that make it easier for me) but my main is 620 and i killed lots of really good players with GS with no difficulty because GS animations are kinda slow and WH ccs are fast against GS + grit… the thing changes when they tank with GS is the hardest fights ive had ever…

Yeah I am big complainer about muskets and bows but I decided to try the GS yesterday since someone said SnS (what I main) was as oppressive as GS and lmao. Yeah it makes musket and bows look balanced. GS is atrociously overpowered.


Shameless plug? :joy:

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lmao nah. I don’t stream for views, its just too easy to click stream and to clip things later on twitch without having to clean up my hard drive upload to youtube ect…

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Crippling reap is 49% for 4 seconds on Gaxe weapon perk and netshot is 40% baseline up to 50%.

only if they are below 50% health…

NO MORE NERFS FFS, just buff everything else.

I call BS, the Greatsword animations are extremely fast, especially considering the size of that thing, either you’re talking BS or the players you were up against didnt know how to spend mastery points in the first place

That’s called Powercreep and is extremely toxic and ruins the game balance even more in 99% of the cases.
If you want to nerf one weapon to adjust it to the rest it is way less likely to cause issues than if you try to buff literally everything else around it to make it not so broken anymore.
Completely stupid proposal

Weapon perks are not Mastery perks.
You can get the slow from GS literally at Mastery 3.
And as I said, BB is broken too, no debate, but i still think GS is more impactful