Nerf the warhammer

Meta is void gauntlet and ice gauntlet now broski.


A mob of players running with any weapon has the same result. Asking for nerfs because you got defeated in a 1vs10 scenario must be the dumbest thing I’ve read today.


The hammer has been OP for way to long and is in serious need of a mega nerf.

It won’t happen though as the game is full of hammer spammers and half of the devs are hammer spammers.

Could you Imagine the amount of sooking on here from hammer spammers if they nerfed the OP hammer as badly as they nerfed the mage weapons?
The forum would be in meltdown because the hammer spammers couldn’t gang button mash their way to victory.


People don’t know how to play vs each weapon. At all.

The hammer is not OP.


Someone want to tell him it’s only going to get worse once they buff the ice gauntlet? XD Not to mention the damn void gauntlet.

Before balancing anything, they need to fix/patch everything first.

  • At this point, I don’t think balancing can be properly addressed without first fixing the game at its core first.


  • Mentally, developers are exhausted.
  • How can they properly balance anything if the bug list is at e.g. 348?

Once bugs and fixes are complete, then 100% of the mental power can be used to make this game actually great.

Management needs to slow down on the “pushing out new content”

  • It’s creating a never ending bug cycle
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If a weapon has strengths that you want to be removed. Will you go on and demand the same to other weapons and their strengths? In the end everyone has a poking stick and deal exact 100 dmg. This will be the time when you guys ask for dodge nerfs.
Warhammer is weak in DPS. Warhammer is weak in Invasions. Warhammer is slow. Warhammer is easy to dodge and bad in 1vs1. There are better weapons you can use in PvE.
Only thing left is large scale battles with multiple targets. In this scenario you may hit multiple targets with your stun. Do you guys really think this is not WAI? Without these stuns the frontline in wars would be focused and melted one by one. The enemy frontline would shift to maybe Rapier/Spear. Not only BIS in Invasions but in your scenario wars too. Sounds like good balance. Not.

Diminishing returns on damage too? Like received 3 hits, get increased absorbation?


As I predicted the nerf merry go wheel goes round n round…

Forum shifts now from LMB GA Spammer to Hammer Spammer, who is the next spammer? This is ridiculous.

Getting locked into stun/stagger with no counterplay against multiple hammers is bad gameplay, but I think the fix for that is to introduce mechanics to mitigate or avoid CC. By itself, I don’t think WH is actually a problem, the issue is a lack of either diminishing returns or a breakout for hard(ish) CC.


If the “hammer spammer” miss his stun, there is no stunlock and the “hammer spammer” is dead. The counterplay is dodge or invigorated or GRIT against the knockdowns.

XD, WH doesn’t need a nerf, just some bit of DR.

from a non wh player. If you can’t win against a WH, you really need to l2p.

I mean you’re not wrong, but so far AGS has nerfed every OP area effect, aoe dmg, cannot be stacked on top of eachother, they cancel eachother out, same with heals, so why should stuns work? I don’t want any of these nerfs, but they nerfed everyother good aoe potential into the ground but left hammer stuns.

War hammers are a very versatile weapon, depending on your build and gear it can be used for survival, dps, cc’ing etc which is why so many use it. Against large numbers it’s good because out of 10 people fighting not all of them will see you and you might be able to stun a few but against small numbers it’s less effective and in a 1v1 it’s almost useless and pointless. The CC abilties are slow and obviouse and everyone can dodge them.

Asking for it to be nerfed because you either have no eyes or don’t have a LShift button on your keyboard is stupid. PvP is a competitive part of the game, the best way to get better at it is to level up every weapon so you know and understand how each weapon works. Asking melee weapons to be nerfed even when they have a clear disadvantage would be like saying “Lets make it so mages, bows, muskets etc can only shoot someone if they are in melee range of that person” It would be a stupid idea.

Fun fact, did you know that if you are stunned and something damages you, you are no longer stunned? amazing issent it, now you want deminishing returns on that dogshit mechanic?
Sounds fine if stuns wouildent dissapear on damage done…

FYI the hammer sucks big donky balls in 90% of the situations, its slow, does less damage than other weapons, and the easiet weapon to dodge all abilities from.

Not to mention shockwave animation is bugged and is instant sometimes, flattening does not always work, gavel does still less damage than a fully charged heavy strike, light swings with the hammer dont track at all, slowly walking backwards from a hammer user is enough for the swings to miss compleately.

Lol if more than half the OPR is running hammer then there’s clearly an issue. You don’t see a min of bows and other things running cause it’s not brain dead easy to use like the skillhammer. You’re the real idiot here but thanks for confirming

Ranged combat is brain dead easy. Waa so hard to point and click and run away. My OPRs are 75% ranged now.

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Yo chill just wait for 2h Great sword . Save some complaining for that. Don’t burn it all in one place.