Nerf this, nerf that :D

Instead of tweaking under performing weapons we see nerfs because people don’t want to improve.
At first it was: neeerf mages = done; neeerf GA = done now I see neeerf bow and musket :joy: Weapons are fun when you can burst people down but we all know the stars doesn’t align every time so instead of nerfing everything to become boring - we should ask for buff tweaks to what under performs.
Enjoy everything getting nerfed one by one now

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TBH I really thought this should be somehow new standart for company making new MMO having the whole internet of mistakes already done to learn from… empowering before nerfing is the golden key


AWS developers seem to be scared shitless of making their players feel powerful. One thing I absolutely love about the game Warframe is their devs couldn’t give two shits if everyone is OP. Just give em time and they will make you even more OP. One shotting mobs in a game is an instant free hit of dopamine. Sitting and wacking a mob for 45 minutes to kill it because a bunch of blowholes can’t figure out how to counter a certain weapon in pvp and resort to nerf crying is fucking pathetic.

How could you not list the lifestaff?

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Bro I remember how diablo 3 felt first days on barbar, every single shit there OP :smiley:

I have 2.5k hours in Warframe but haven’t played it last 2.5 years

It would be better not to nerf the Watermark but to Raise the lvl from 600 to 700. So noone would felt bad of lost progress but would get the new possibilty to improve. Its a pschlogical affect that things you lose hurt 2,5 times harder than things you get.

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100% agree.

I agree but - War Hammer is the only remaining weapon that could use a slight nerf. And both Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff were nerfed into uselessness, both should be restored.

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At this point I go back and forth to Warframe as they release new primes. Very good developer. I always feel compelled to support them when I go back in the form of platinum purchases. Honestly I can’t even recall one time any Warframe player berating Digital Extremes in all the time I’ve played it.

With these fools at Amazon I never have and probably never will purchase anything from their cash shop. I just don’t feel they’re worthy of it. My number one complaint here is how they completely ignore all the gaping QOL issues.

We need to see something for Firestaff because its good for about the 2 seconds it takes for someone to get to you then you are goosed.

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nerf this thread

The problem with the GA was that it was completely broken design wise. It should not have a aim assist lunge on light attack… That just had to be fixed. After the nerfes on PTR goes live I agree that they should start focusing on the under performing weapons instead. Or atleast just make very small incremental changes so they do not swing the pendulum too far in the opposite direction.

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That is definitely not true. They are both more than viable and can not even be considered the worst weapons in the game. They are more on the balanced side now then they were before.

Have you even tried using a firestaff in pvp or pve? The damage is underwhelming even with 300 int. The entire right side of the tree is encouraging you to be in melee range to deal dmg yet it has no tools to help it in that position. The left side is about crits yet they nerfed it completely and one of the abilites can’t even crit lol.

Firestaff is suppose to be the strictly damage dealing weapon yet it does less than most other weapons.


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