Nerf those archer monster (poison and fire dot)

Those guys is horrible to DEAL WITH.

One arrow and you get poison and fire on you, fire can stack multiple times.

I just lost 80% of my life by only one arrow because of the dot over time.

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The only slightly scary normal mob in the game.

Please DON’T TOUCH THEM. They are FUN.

Pro tip. Fire dot is almost always the first attack it uses. AND IT GLOWS YELLOW(as you can see in your SS) and is completely obvious. Touch the dodge key just once in the fight.


yeah but sometimes you get hit very far away, can’t dodge if you don’t see it coming. Those monster are more hard than the solo boss we fight in the story after the nine gates…

purifying toast :slight_smile:

sorry but what the point of a generic monster to be more dangerous than a boss ?

idk but the fact that u dont even have gem’s in ur weapons. tells me that u aint proper geared anyway…

Tupia new server, can’t buy gem yet on the market.

i am 578 gear score for now.

ye see…

people are GS 625 for 7 Months now and thats the crowd who this content is rather made for…

i am not gs 625 and i am doing the story without any problem, i have kill the solo boss of the quest a god awakens.

Except those archer i’m doing fine for now.

a lot of player return for this update, that mean a lot of player are like me, not playing the game for month now.

ranged weapons so OP even skeleton with bow is a challenging opponent

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Food recovery don’t stop with dot damage, you “just” need to surive and eat. And you should have a good stack of Infused Health Potions at this point so I don’t see the need to another nerf. I want to kill decent monsters not ugly plushies.

stop neutering the mobs and get rid of the mentality of trash mobs.

make mobs lethal again I say.

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i survive but those monster are more dangerous than a boss to me, look weird.

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