Nerf to Lights Embrace

Please don’t kill lights embrace on life staff with the 1 second delayed cast time. It’s horrible. You are nerfing it into the ground. Increase the cooldown versus the delayed cast time.

Anyone else feel this is a terrible change with balancing? I think a higher cooldown makes more sense.


I feel that this nerf was done in line with other combat nerfs, it is reasonable imo

only making the game less fluent just like with changes to stamina management.


Actually this is a really good change for the long term gameplay. Its these subtle timers that enable gameplay like that inside of elden ring.

This is a good move for the long term, i know it might not feel like it now but it will work out to be good once you get use to it.

Not true, its making the skill cap have more value.

People think its reasonable clearly havent tried it in PTR, or used it in wars. Yes there are many changes being made in terms of combat but overall the damage being taken by bruisers is usually so fast that the only thing that can heal them fast enough is lights embrace.

Additionally if youre running away from anybody attacking you, with the stam changes its nerfing healers enough because if you try healing yourself in that 1 second you will be CC’d so fast that you will die. The ability to walk while casting will not save you. That 1 second youre casting to save yourself will lead to your death then your bruisers and everyone soon after you.

Hope everyone loves being in respawn timers

You are complaining you got nerfed and have to try now? Give me a break. You should expect this, just like Ga/Ham should expect similar balance changes. The game is new, and its likely to get a few similar changes to many classes until there is an idea of what is liked and decent, then we’ll probably get a full design pass (rework).

I’m imagining trying to heal people in dungeons, lift my staff animation, target, cast time, prob for a total of 2 seconds, by that time the person probably has already drank a pot, and I just waste a CD lol.


its not because its new, its because im testing it right now and its not good. Again I do a lot of pvp I think i know what im talking about lmao, you gotta make a choice of healing yourself or your team but there are a ton of healer assassins running sns/bb and we cant do a thing about it because if you heal yourself you will die in that 1 second.

Ive been fine with all the previous changes but this will kill wars.

Try? What do you mean ‘have to try?’


LE hits someone for 4K, well guess what the new rapid fire bow hits people for 5k.

People drop like flies. Healers can’t keep themselves alive. The only way to play arenas as a healer is to hide/cast behind a pole and pray, or run low focus with a dps weapon as your primary.

Every dps preaches their builds should feel less clunky. Bow users complaining about the root. GA complaining about the lunge nerf. IG complaining about the heavy attack changes. Etc

But it’s okay to make healing feel clunky? Why??? I don’t care if it needed a nerf, but the cast time was not the right way.

Go play healer on PTR for more than an hour and get back to us. It’s clunky, high pressure low reward. Let us have fun too ffs


I’m not crying because my class got nerfed. I’m giving constructive feedback on what I feel is a bad balance change. I totally agree that pocket healing needed a nerf, especially with 3v3 arenas coming.

With enough refreshing on your gear LE CD is basically nonexistent. I will advocate for decreasing the healing potential of LE, like they are, and increase the CD on it. Making the cast time on it 1 second after you cast it feels really bad. Think about dungeons. There have been so many times I saved a wipe by healing a group member or tank with LE. If there was a 1 sec delay in a PVE scenario it could mean a team wipe.

I’m all about balance change but just providing feedback that 1 second delay is bad. Can’t think of a game with it.

staff never should’ve been nerfed and I’m not returning to the game if this stupid shit is pushed to live.

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AGS doesn’t care what happens in expeditions, it’s all about PVP. Roll a new class, or quit apparently. If you decide to stay healer you also have to go light armour or they will reduce your healing to $@&”

They should balance modes not nuke entire weapons. I’m not playing if they go through with this dumb shit.

Yeah, nerfs rapier a few patches ago. Now they are nerfing stamina regeneration so we can’t dodge as much. Forcing healers into light. Meanwhile, their are assassin groups that go around just to kill healers. I have this BB/SS Chad abusing the shield bug running around chasing me. I can’t imagine not being able to dodge as much or LE myself to survive.

Likely will just move on from healing. I’ll just move into whatever is broken after this May patch to help drive more players away. :woozy_face:

June patch they will likely just make healers be required to run around naked.

it plays absolutely terrible. i won’t play heal like this again.

Yeah the changes to the cast time and healing tackled with the stamina changes really does feel like a kick in the teeth. I’m not a fan of slowing down the movement of gameplay, especially when the movement isn’t terrible as is. At the very least it this will shoehorn healers into AOE healing and force more targeted healing into light attacks.

I understand healing is a decent source of controversy, but with every other update it feels healing is continually being nerfed down and making the class just not as fun. I do hope they revise this.

Can I ask if you play a healer? It’s not reasonable to have to guess who’s going to take damage in order to land the heal before they die. It makes healing even more clunky and will stop the majority of healers from taking any targeted heals at all. 1 second in combat is a long time to wait for a heal. Imagine having a 1 second timer to pop a potion?

Everyone takes less damage, all healers have a cast time on meaningful heals and since you can roll out of roots and they are introducing dr on cc you can survive long enough for the cast time.

I do play heals on occasion and main med bruiser, healing is fairly simple currently and with the change to roots/slows/cc, if healing remained the same no one would die