Nerf trenchant recovery on Greatsword

nerf trenchant recovery on Greatsword.
getting 40% heal on heavy attacks, with 5% lifesteal, 5% leeching,
and 10% divine +50% SG
you get up to 82% lifesteal if ur heavy attack hit one target in a clump in SG.
if you hit two target, u are healed for almost 100% of one heavy attack dmg
that is about 2k to 3k healing in one hit, which turns to about 1k-1.5k healing/Second.
Its like you have two SG healing u at same time.

Its broken as fk, and i request a nerf, although i am abusing it happily in OPR right now.

Trenchant recovery is True BIS on greatsword.
gona keep abusing it until nerfed, or not?


Trenchant recovery only procs for dmg on one target. If you hit 6k on multiples it is only giving you around 2.4k health.

The lifestealing and leeching is what is good for multiple hits.
If you hit 3 guys for 4k each you getting 1.6 off trenchant and up to 3k from all lifestealing effects in game. So you lifesteal more than the max damage you pump out.


If you heavy attack any amount of targets in a sacred group, you get 41% healing from the damage of one heavy attack from trenchant recovery.

If you are hitting anyone in that clump for 6k, you are either not using trenchant recovery, or there is a light armor user in there who is throwing hard. Not op.

Theres a reason bruisers dont use this perk and opt for damage instead. Actually, theres a reason bruisers dont use basically any build without 300 str and a greataxe. You die no matter what the second you get staggered, and axe is the best clump fighting weapon in the game bar none.

Nobody lives in a clump fight off just trenchant recovery. You are citing 4 perks related to self healing (that could be high value damage perks instead) and a healer with sacred ground.

Do you just want to be able to see a gs and think “ok thats just a bad axe” and then proceed to faceroll? Greatswords have self healing and sacrifice aoe cc for it. They drop like flies the second any hard cc lands.

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who said only brusiers can fight arounds clumps in a SG?

And i dont see much brusier using greatsword

if you do lifestealing and leeching only, then u need to hit 4 targets in one heavy attack to match the healing from trenchant recovery.

And also they can work together to make it more effective.

AS a light armor SNS/GS build right now that always solo in OPR, tren recovery is what makes me more viable to fight inside points as a light brusier and to backcap alone 1vx as a lonewolf.

Yeah it isnt very strong when you compare it to pretty much any meta clump fighting build in group play. Self sustain means much less in a game where you can easily 100-0 while a heavy is charging, either with raw damage or just ccing the gs.

And axe hammer remains clump fighting king.


of cuz u may not need the healing if u get a pocket healer.
but even with a pocket healer, the selfsustain release much healing pressue from heal so he can be less foucsed on healing u when he got chased around

I actually use trenchant recovery on hammer in pve for my tank build and yes it does relieve pressure off healer.

But it is not the all around best perk to have.

I will admit that because of the mechanics around the GS heavies (in that it is way to effective right now) the trenchant recovery is a very strong perk.

Trenchant crits is also a very strong perk in the hands of a greatsword user due to it being able to run 300 Dex for the guaranteed crit and it’s gauranteed crit after ability use.


yeah at the end of the day it is a burst meta. people run builds to kill quickly and run (especially with gs), not stand and leech off one person and hope that heals enough for anyone else who comes along.

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Just cap it at 50% and let’s move on.
No reason to have it at 82%.

NOOO. Absolutely not, please. In PvE this is just fantastic.

If you stack/min/max anything it’s going to seem powerful. Flip all of that around for Crit/Damage 82% damage increase too OP! QQ more.

dmg suffers from diminish return and theres no way to stack up 82% dmg like healing.

Sounds like someone got steamrolled in a 1v1 LMB fight with a GS lmao.

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ye , except i am the one steamrolled others lol.

becuase its a 99% win to trade dmg with my tren recover

Then you haven’t played GS in a clump yet. If you run onslaught, trenchant isn’t gonna save ya. If you run defiant, your stamina zeros out instantly in a clump.

unlike the SNS/.spear build i played before BS for few weeks, SNS/GS light armor is good in 1v1 and in clump.
i get heal up crazy in clumps
its all around good.
of cuz im not gona run into GW and get CCed bursted,
but i fight on points kill healer, mage, dex, and leftalone brusier. and have good AOE Dmg.

If our team has bruseir on points, i can fight alone in clump with them, doing great AOE dmg and also get crazy heal back.

You’re killing healers/mages/dex on point, in light armor? Completely overlooking the light armor on point BS, you’re killing the 3 play styles that avoid point and clump warfare, on point?

what, so you think in OPR there is only brusier inside sun?

Do you even know maths?

Considering mages,healers, and dex avoid going into fort until it’s cleared like the plague to save their K/D yeah. Bruisers are typically the only people on point.