Nerf trenchant recovery on Greatsword

becuz u benefit alot in it and in points fights in fort there is almsot always a SG u can utilize

As others have said. people dont really use GS in point fighting.

btw this is crazy but this doesnt bother me because i use trench recovery AND plagued strikes on top of the disease from skyward. Has counters, doesnt need nerf imo.

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it does not bother me either since i m the one utilizing it to murder others in OPR.
i just point out what i think is broken and prob could use some nerf for the health of the game

If anything, you got stomped by it and are salty. Get over it - nobody agrees that some niche perk should get nerfed because youre bad.

I actually do make point GS work, but its not because of trenchant recovery lol. You need to commit to rupture cooldown reduction and then youre golden.

Also - yes adding Sacred ground makes you biased. Do we just multiple all healing by 1.5x now because we assume someone else is buffing them? I guess everyone gets 15% empower from oblivion and stam regen too.

In his video, he heals for 49.92% of his attack, which is what his 5% leeching and 41% trenchant recovery along with 9.5% divine dictate. In his initial posting, he is getting the 81% value, because he states that he is standing in Sacred Ground (+50%) , along with the additional 5% Lifesteal so he would heal for a total 81.99% (82%) of the 3700 value which would be around 3,034 of healing done per heavy attack. The numbers are a little off because I don’t quite know if the Arboreal Attunement is affected by the Leeching and Divine or if the all of the healing effects are solely based off the Slash damage done.


this guy cant read as well.
prob in his mind he only cry for nerf when he got stomped.
and btw rupture does not do CDR, its steadyfest 2nd hit does 20% CDR, thx.

As i stated multiple times in this post, i have been abusing it and stomp others in OPR.
ANd i am happy either way.
if they dont nerf it, i am happy to keep stomp others.
if they nerf it, i m happy they bring more balance to the game.

Yeah i think youre lying/exhagerating to get it nerfed.

you can think what you want.

anyone plays OPR in maramma can tell the truth.

From the guy insulting people’s literacy.

Of course, but you know exactly what I’m talking about by melee tracking. There’s absolutely zero requirement for their mouse aim to actually be anywhere near to the target they end up hitting as it tracks that target. And the 180 hit is the extreme of this. And unless I wasn’t clear enough, this is an ability that starts and ends across a long enough period that one dodge doesn’t have enough i-frames to avoid all of its hits.

Just try doing the same with the rapier’s 5 hit flurry ability.

As I said in my post, short of stun or just using a pocket escape ability (which is escaping, not countering), there’s no sensible counter to the GS attacks. You will get hit by more than enough of the 5 attacks within two of its most used abilities to do serious damage unless you stun lock them for both attacks.

And even in heavy armour with full res and 3 shirking, the bog standard 19th often destroys my health whilst I’m just trying to aim my weapon (which has zero tracking and yet is still a close combat weapon, the way it should be in my opinion). I actually don’t have stun in my build (and I stress that it shouldn’t be flipping necessary to either) so I have to root and deal as much damage to scare them off early (which results in them using their pocket escape tool to heal up then try again - seemingly the base tactic of 90% of PVPers in this game). I can do this a lot but if I miss that single ability (or they dodge it, which they can do because it’s a single strike, not 2-5) then I am left with just 2 dodges to stay alive, or 3 which will of course render me dead anyway unless I revert to the abovementioned escape result.

I can trade damage with them but despite my damage being some of the better in the game, it’s nothing compared to the GS.

I’m getting to the point where I can now counter hatchet more often (because they all use the same abillity which my VG can strip instantly and the vast, vast majority of hatchet players rely heavily on spamming left click to win). In order to do that I had to switch my build to a much more defensive build. But GS still dominates unless played by a player with a huge skill deficit compared to me.

I can use net shot to gain space once in a fight but then my damage is severely limited and how long do you think it takes the GS player to cut that distance down if I’m actively trying to fight?

And when they cut that space down and start hitting, how much do you think they need to actually aim to land all their hits? This is just one part of the problem (and it extends to most melee weapons). This isn’t even the worst part of the GS but it is so glaringly obvious when its 5 strike sequence is played out (99% of every player does it and you know it). Anyone who defends the GS as balanced in its current state is just being dishonest.

I use it in PVE. It’s just stupidly OP and way too diverse. It is the single most common weapon that I die to (unless the bow guys trying to snipe stats for their ME buff get me first), more so even than GS, SS, Spear, rapier or GH, followed closely by hatchet, although that one is something I’m happy to say I think I can actually counter because it’s so one-dimensional. But that is only because I specifically use the weapon that counters hatchet and I am heavy now (so their damage just isn’t enough after they splurge their single non-berserk skill on me at the start of the fight).

What I can’t do is beat a GS that does all its heavy hitting early on, forcing me to use all my counters and stamina dodging, then switching to hatchet and… oh well. Left click lunge, engage tracking and lock on to glory, my man. Well played.

I mean, maybe the reason I die mostly to this weapon is just because so many people are using this combo. And I wonder why that is? Because it’s the high skill ceiling weapon of choice by PVP pros?

Are you playing heavy bb/ig or vg/ig?

I main bb/ig but have been building a gs/ hatchet off build.

The idea that EITHER bb/ig or vg/ig is more difficult or requires more skill to perform well on is a total fallacy.

Those builds require aiming of bb autos and vg autos to get cdr with everything else being a spray and pray aoe that generates more spray and pray aoe. .

I also have zero issue with greatswords as bb ig. They absolutely melt or they do no type of damage.

Greatsword point play is not OP in any way and skitzos are not running trenchant recovery

I played both light and heavy but neither of those combinations.

Sorry, but I 100% disagree if you’re attempting to claim that landing hits with the BB requires the same level of skill as landing hits with any melee weapon in the BB’s effective range. And yes, sometimes I melt my oponents quickly. I’m not claiming the BB’s damage output is anything but high (and say so in my post).

But we’re not discussing damage output of my weapon or my chosen build, are we? I am getting better and can do well in most 1v1s and can even kill healers (as that is what I am speced to do). We’re discussing the GS, here. Specifically, I am discussing the number of hits it puts out with its two main damage dealing abilities and the way it, and all other melee weapons, track. In the case of the GS, its tracking allows it to hit most of its damage despite a dodge playing out in time. It consumes two dodges and can still hit at least once out of those two abilities. And then comes the left click lunge, lock on onslaught.

Nothing else that I know of can do that. Absolutely not the BB if that’s what you’re trying to asert. Not to mention that the BB’s light attacks don’t AOE everything in an arc in front of it. But as I said, we’re not discussing the BB.

I just want to add that in my OPR GS experience, running LA, I have 0 problems killing any spec/player in a 1v1. Some are more challenging than others, but the GS IS over-tuned and broken with how much CDR/Movement/Lifestealing is possible, along with slows/roots/disease for debuffing healers etc.

Whether that means AGS should down-tune GS or up-tune all other weapons to be as similarly smooth and lethal is a decision I can’t make, as I’m not a game designer or weapon balance engineer etc. :person_shrugging:

Discussion is about greatsword in the content of the weapon you play and your playstyle. That was your post.

What build are you playing then? It matters because you are saying you have mid range/close range build with no aim assist. Those are basically the only viable ones you can run in heavy, with vg/ig not even being in style.

Ever think youre just playing a bad build fof this meta? Its what i would think if i was playing something like bb/vg. Limited defense against melee after a large melee buff.

Right so youre proving my point.

Light armor runs thwarting strikes or trenchant strikes. Not trenchant recovery.

This is about GS point play if its about trenchant recovery.

Nah, not going to talk about my build. I don’t need coaching in a thread about the GS.

All I need to beat a GS player is to get my root off and do enough damage to kill them before they get free (1s). I can do this sometimes, when the gear gap is wide enough. This is not the point of what I am saying at all.

Yes, I’m agreeing with the point that Trenchant Recovery, while it can be niche-ly OP, versus bad players, is nowhere near strong enough to warrant a nerf.

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So youre saying you have a simple route to killing a gs and…what?

And you wont discuss your build? So im supposed to assume you are playing optimally even though you dont play one of the two viable point mage builds? Youve kind of narrowed my choices down here and it sounds like youre using an ice gauntlet in heavy without bb or vg. Which means you are misplaying from the start and your opinion is invalid.

Why even talk about your build and how you play in the first place, then? Youre asking for nerfs but youre making it sound like you play an off meta build that still has an easy tome lilling greatswords.

Its exhausting dealing with people like this. Like youre making it seem like you know youre messing up and playing to lose but you are just so special you should be able to do that and still win.

And we dont get details. Rude and ratty way to add to a conversation

OPR just now

GS 8 vs 3 me :smiley:

Nothing else killed me. Well ok one mukset managed to get the kill shot as the GS pack didn’t quite left click fast enough :smiley:

It’s going to get a nerf.

Please do not listen to the original poster. Thanks!