Nerf trenchant recovery on Greatsword

100% agree.

If you view DanzoPVP’s IG/Rapier build, he quite easily 1vX’s against multiple GS users. And he uses the rapier to its full capabilities, not just as an escape tool. I should say, it looks quite easy, when he does it, but that’s actually a sign of his deep understanding of combat mechanics and the weapons he enjoys playing. He fights in light armor.

Rapier absolutely shits on gs. Especially if they arent at 300 str.

You evade or stagger all the big hits pretty easily.

Oh wait! Youre not allowed to attack with the rapier nvm.

Nope, can’t attack, only evade and fart away, oh wait, they nerfed the fart sound, RiP :rage:

Don’t listen to this Kevin guy, he’s either trolling or just pure lying. In OPR, being a bruiser in light fighting in a clump will get you instantly killed having Trent Recovery or not. That if you can even get to the clump before getting clapped by bow/musket. You can tell there is something odd about his claim as he repeatedly mentioned SG almost like he always run with a premade full of sweaties with a pocket healer and just pug stomping…hmmmm. Having said that Trent recovery is a decent pvp spec but it only shrine in 1v1 situation or something very small scale like others have mentioned. Don’t believe him unless he make a video showing how he can get 25 kills in OPR fighting in the clump in light GS lol.

Yup, cant find one single “Weapon OP” video that isnt a 5 stack rolling OPR pugs.

Its almost as if people who constantly group have deluded themselves into thinking its normal for most people.

yep i have done alot of OPR as solo and I do play GS. And most of the time the premade consisted of a pocket healer, a couple of bruisers, and a couple of bow/musket running around just stomping everyone. If you’re on their side, you will win 99% of the time. The only exception to this rule if sometimes you may see a solo bow/musket getting a lot of kills in OPR but that is just due to how broken these weapons are where you can just sit back and slap on people across the map with zero risk and just racking up kills.

Or, make PVE and PVP effects different.

So tired of my PVE experience having to change because a PVP player whines about something.


Another nerf post…

That’s alwayas the problem, when mixing PvE & PvP.
GS is fine in PvE.

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