NERF Void Gauntlet

Void Gauntlet is overpowered
Even a blind person can play this character very easily.
all it does is use Petrifying Scream ability, use Oblivion, use Void blade LMB+LMB… and destroy
And if wearing a Heavy set, it’s impossible to kill and he can fight 4 vs 1 blindfolded.
Petrifying Scream definitely needs to be nerfed
Damage required to be reduced by 20%
I made a build today Void+fire Medium armor
I only hit someone wearing Light Armor 3 times in OPR
All I did was Petrifying Scream(successfully hitting this skill is the easiest thing in the world) + Void blade + Oblivion + LMB LMB
The effect ends if the target takes damage after using the scream skill

pls nerf this character in the next update.


u play Life / WH before?
Any1 can 3 hit light armor, some Archers even 1 hit

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Yeah your post is invalid i can 1tap a light armor with my bow. Void g is strong yes but the voidblade goes on cool down. Also if you dont hit your scream its pretty much useless because anyone can just run away at normal speed while all voidblade attacks just miss. If you nerf the scream then they need to add a 3.5 meter lung with mele attacks like the great axe had to the voidblade as well as buff the ranged damage.

Not if you are running the right build.

I can say that about any weapon……With the right build every weapon is op lmaoo except great axe. That thing is just shit now

nope nope i just withnessed the absolute BS VG actually is

GOOD defensive heavy gears, and just lifesteal all the way, you can HIT into groups and not die at all. all u gotta do is is LMB with voidblade and press shift whenever u see a hammer bonk down (hell even that doesnt stop em)

Multi-hit needs to go on VG :slight_smile:

(ah shit i clicked reply to a person didnt meant to, this is just a general reply)

I main void gauntlet and I think that voidblade does to much damage, but i am not against the healing it has. There is a reason, its because its very useful for being in melee balls as a healer. That healing requires a focus build to be that good, You are effectively getting killed by a healer.

I do think that Voidblades damage needs to be dropped by 20% weapon damage, and the over all dot effects of void needs to be buffed to 15-20% weapon damage. So the weapon damage stays the say, but void guantlet doe snot heal so much with void blade and so its dots are more important.

Even if scream hits , you block / CC and then get out of oblivion circle, then Vblade byitself hits Okish but you can espace or CC since thereis no Grit.

In the game, there is not only a duel, my clever friend. In OPR, it takes 1 second to die if you’re exposed to the ability to scream

look my friend there is not 1 VG in the game. In OPR, there are at least 6-7 VG players and they ruin the war going on in the middle, and they take turns using the scream ability. It’s impossible to escape I have to carrom as a melee player and I can’t move at all because I’m always subject to the f****g skills to scream

It takes 2 seconds to die even if I have a 450 cons full heavy build

And it takes one second to die in a gravity well

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btw, if you come across a player with the VG+ICE build, JUST RUNAWAY because if catches you, you’re bound to die First will use her scream skill, then ice shower and BOM. can kill you even by just slapping you

Everyone is running Rapier now to counter. Close thread people are adapting.

Any weapon is going to be op when theres a boat load of them in a opr. I can say that about muskets if theres 15 snipers sitting on a hill. They all target the same person and melt the other team ina second. The void gauntlet only seems op because all the other weapons are shit and broken right now. Wait till they buff ice g. Fs, and add bluderbuss. You wont see as many vgs. Once they add more cc back to ice g your going to be right back here on these forms crying nerf iceg.

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stilll sooooo muchhhhh brokennnn stupid classs

Scream effect cancels after being damaged


It’s no different then any CC lol