Network bandwidth

Please get better network coders. There’s zero reason for me to get disconnected every time I view the market just because the game thinks that it’s appropriate to flood my bandwidth. The networking side of this game is extremely poorly designed.

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This has been happening consistently to me too, I remember games like Ark Survival and Fallout 76 having this same problem flooding the player’s bandwidth


I literally can’t even use the auction house 90%+ of the time. Just disconnected over and over and over. Every time it happens it tells me that connection was lost, which is ironic because I can see that New World at the same time is using up every bit of bandwidth I have. It’s using dozens or more times the average bandwidth.

Are the coders maybe trying to send the information of every item on the AH all at once? Because that sounds like a terrible idea. The only information that needs to be communicated back and forth is whatever is currently loaded onto the page.

This issue has been going on since I started playing. Are there any plans to put some limits on how much bandwidth the game is able to use at once?

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