Never got transfer token even before they haulted transfers

So stayed up until they first allowed world transfers, been waiting weeks to play with friends, get into my store section and no transfer token, never had one given to me and now they stopped server transfers as well.

Anyone else experience this?

I’m pretty chocked I just got screwed by never getting one, missing all the leveling with friends.

How a billion dollar company that controls so many servers launches an MMO that you cant play with your friends is beyong me. Is this an out of season april fools joke thats gone on to long or something?

I’ve found myself starting to play other games again cause fun for me is playing with people and it seems New World doesnt want its players to have that

Nope I never got a token either.

You are not the only one. They activated the transfer a few days ago and a lot of people were able to transfer, but there was an error and consequently a couple of bugs that some people took advantage to exploit.

They are solving the transfer problem (according to the latest update)

The only thing to do is just wait…
It’s frustrating? of course, but what supposed to be? “they should do their job” they are supposed to doing it

Nice to know im not the only one

Ya i was up and running within 5 minutes of transfers being allowed, but never got a token. So ya i get why the halted it, but i was playing and trying to transfer when they were still allowing them and couldn’t because it looks like they didn’t actually give everyone a token like I understood they said they would. So why my friends who didnt need to transfer got one and I didnt is the problem I have with this whole situation.

As for what they could of done differently:

  1. Have servers / worlds that can handle more people at launch
  2. Let people register for transfers instead of randomly giving tokens so that people who want to move get put on a move list and it fulfilled in order as opposed to what they did with the tokens.


  1. had guild leaders submit players they wanted moved to their world and when they allowed them those players get a “yes or no” to the move before loading there char in. Then they could of tested the server moves that way allowing guilds to be held accountable for all this exploit stuff.

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