New 6700 xt bad performance

Hey everyone, i need your help! I just replaced my 2060 super with an amd 6700xt. Simce i installed the new card, i havent seen any increase in performance, in fact, i have even less performance. I dont think its new world, i ran a benchmark program and got terrible results. I used ddu (display driver uninstaller)In safe mode to remove all the old nvidia drivers. Does anyone know why such an upgrade would be even worse? Ive had driver issues with a couple older cards in the past where i had to find older drivers that had better performance. But i couldnt find any older drivers on amd’s site. Anyone else have similar issues with this specific card?

I have an asus rog strix b450-f gaming mobo
Ryzen 5 3600 am4 socket
32g of ddr4 ram
Win 10 64 and New World installed on ssd

Do you think its my cpu bottlenecking?