New arena mode "Balanced Arenas"

I believe that the best way to make arena PVP approachable for new and returning players is to add a PVP mode for balanced arenas.

My preferred way to implement a balanced arena is to allow players to spec out and save gear/attribute/skill selections as “build sets” from an editor. Players would then select a saved build set during the arena preparation phase. I would also add a “ready” button to the arena preparation phase to reduce the dead time at the beginning of arenas because most players will just pick their favorite build set and hit ready. I would not allow players to change their build set after the arena starts.

I would limit gear selections to the rules for crafted gear and eliminate named items from gear selections to simplify the editor and reduce the required game knowledge to build a suit. I would allow players to edit build sets they already created so that players can dial in their perfect builds over time.

Some benefits from building a system like this:

  1. You will quickly discover all of the most broken builds in the game.
  2. You will have endless PVP content for people who just want to play the game casually (there are lots of those)
  3. People won’t rage out as badly when you balance broken builds because they don’t have to build entirely new suits to play the game competitively.
  4. Players will be able to try out builds without a massive barrier to entry

A lot of people love the combat system of this game. I think they aren’t returning because of the imbalance and barrier to entry. I don’t think we have a large enough active population to do these as ranked arenas yet but that would be the next modification I would make after the system is tested and working. You don’t want to draw in tons of people till you know the system working properly because that makes the people leave again.

Shirking fortification - resilient - insatiable GW


Resilient - insatiable GW.

Not only the second guy uses purple items, you want the poor guy to use some crap jewlery and weapon as well vs a try hard with crafted gear…

You might as well tell him to bend over and wait

This also makes named items rewards from the PVP track not usable in arena…mindblowing

i mean why bother doing any of that.

just equalize the fucking gear score and be done with it.

yes there is a difference between full perk and purples.

its not as much as 520 to 625

and who the fuck cares if you grinded 2000 hours for that bis set.

its 6 minutes.

I don’t have anything against people that farmed BIS gear for 2000 hours, but removing the option to use named items from the people that didn’t…it defeats his initial idea about testing balance

I say leave it… I think all AGS needs to do is just start expertise at 590… make faction gear 590 too. Then anyone can jump straight in and there is still some room for progression :+1:

I mean honestly the best way to test is to get a fricking large amount of data. only way to do that is to get people playing and practicing many of whom are too busy grinding out gear score to just play the game.

arenas could of been that low stakes quick romp with equalized gear score.

No. You would only be able to use a saved preset as your suit for balanced. You would not be able to use a maxed out build.

My idea is an arena that is supplemental to the current arena. SO current arena lets you wear whatever gear you want. balanced arena lets you build a max quality “crafted” spec that only works inside that game mode.

I’m just trying to come up with ideas of game modes that would let returning players enjoy the game so they don’t just leave again.

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