New Black Powder Dungeon feedback

Thanks for the new dungeon, we appreciate the new content!
However, the final fight is nauseatingly similar to ff14 fights. For the love of GOD do not continue to develop dodge the circle/red spot fights and think we enjoy that gameplay. It is by far a good way to get negative feedback on this game. There is nothing wrong with a little bit sprinkled in here and there. But the final 20% of the boss – the floor is lava crap… is just not fun, and if we aren’t having fun… we go take our tokens elsewhere. Food for thought , now have a Happy Turkey day for all my US friends.

Red xircle dodge is not wat bad, small tornados is anoing… you cant predict were it will go ;D

I enjoyed it. The only thing I dislike about the new dungeons is the ratio of players per activity ( which was already low) dropping even further