New Bladedancer quest doesn't count towards 'defeat named ancient enemies' achievement

Self explanatory. And I’m sick of filling in bug reports.


Is this for the Stone Cold Secrets quest? I go there and there a single ordinary add. I’ve waited like 30 mins, is this a stupidly long timer?

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Same issue; I defeated the boss (tenebrous guardian) in the middle twice. I looted him the first time, second time he did not drop loot. Looted chest. Still no credit for quest. Do not see anything around that would qualify for quest completion either.

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Same issue here. I killed the tenebrous guardian a few times, looted the chest but the quest is still on. Also waited to see if it appears eventually but it didnt. Here is a picture about it showing that the tenebrous guardian its not what I’m looking for.

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The Bladedancer is underground guys, just look for the staircase the leads down. Just completed this one myself.


Thank you!!!

Wow, thanks! I can’t believe I missed it!

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