NEW BlunderBuss and Desigh of DEVS

Well… There are indeed blunderbuss combos that are really strong, in no way will I defend that blunderbuss is a weak weapon. But, again, they decided to nerf the fun, they decided to take the pleasure out of the mobility of playing. Devs must currently play PlayStation 1 or Super Nintendo games, they are enemies of movement because nothing explains it Hahahahahahahaha. Look, now if I want to do two shots and activate the ultimate, I’m going to have to MISS my hook… I said MISS Hahahahahahahhaha.

All cancellations still worked: (6) New World 2023 03 16 19 20 49 07 DVR - YouTube

New Claw: (6) New World 2023 03 16 19 22 55 10 DVR - YouTube

Net, grenades and ASP are used by all mages, then the skill that is not popular, has the lowercase hitbox gets nerfed.

Not to mention that all the other cancellations, including the network, and the ASP and also the STRONGEST Grenades, continued as they are, I sincerely like the game but I refuse to participate in a game with DEVS don’t respect the fun and much less the diversity of builds, I hope my friends who still like the game have fun, for me it’s done, if one day the AGS decides to understand that we play to have fun I’ll come back, if it’s to play that way I’ll play Tomb Raider 1996.



For other senseless nerfs I leave you a hug.


AGS just ignores my input as i said claw shot will be useless if they only add cancelation windo.

you need to add windup or delay window for bb auto+skill cancel, so that BB can no long do 3atuo and 3 ability in less than 1 second,
something like :auto+split grande+auto+claw+auto+sharpener in 1 second is not suppose to be in this game.

but after nerfing the animation cancel of claw shot, it would be pretty much useless. so you need to buff it more to be a viable utility tool, such as give empower on hit (remove the distance requirement), give ammo even if animation cancled, pull player up to 15m away even if it hit ground or object, and stun the target instead of root for 1s.

move the extended chamber perk to the left tree and make it give 1 additional ammo after every ability use.

And instead of just nerf the aztho sharpen skill dmg, you should make it to spread less so it can be used as a close to mid range attack instead of face-to-face burst as of now.
RIght now, u can do 5k dmg to light armor on his face, but prob only 500 dmg to him at 5m since the spread is way way too much.
It would be better if you nerf the dmg abit but narrow the spread alot so it can do 4k dmg on face and 3k dmg at 15m as well and make it hit all target on th path like bow penetrating shot.

After doing that, you also need to make blast shot and mortar animation faster.
Blast shot was nerfed last year as an attemp to fix the one shot combo of sns/bb, please reverse the animation cancel delay, otherwise this skill is totally useless as it is slow and super clunky now.
also mortar skill start up loading animation is too long to be really viable in real pvp situation, and most important is to allow player to keep using mortar after a dodge.
right now a dodge or even a slip on stair, or drop off from high ground will force you to cancel the mortar ability and put it in CD even if u still have mortar rounds left.
mortar ability can be cancled by aimdown, or using abilitys, or swap weapon, that should be more than enough.
actually a better one would be rework the right side skill tree ultimate to make mortar to be standard aimdown sight attack (similar to turn hatchet Right mouse block into throwing hatchet)

After making these changes, BB leftside skill tree will be a get-in and out close range combat shot gun play style, while the rightside skill tree will be a mid range-back line AOE bombarding play style.

Devs want every gameplay to be cluncky and slow so everyone can be good at this game. I’m figuring out that people think the apex of gameplay at this game is cutting all animations with bow while spamming every skill (for some people have skills on cooldown are some kind of crime).
This game was built as a formula 1 car but they’ve put a 5 year old kid to drive it unfortunately.

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The problem isn’t the animation canceling.
People gotta stop thinking that you gotta take out every nice animation on the game no one want to play a cluncky weapon and a slow game.
Amazon never thinks of nerfing the damage of anything like musket is the best example.
They want every gameplay to be steadiest as possible.
Bad balancing team.

with bb, it is the animation.
the no windup and lightspeed cancel is the problem.

No it isn’t and never was.
Those animation cuts is what turn BB in the weapon it is today.
That is a feature that came in the game with the weapon and it is the only weapon that have always a imprevisible damage.
And i’m not talking that the weapon is balanced because besides being imprevisible the weapon deals way too much damage.
You can let a weapon do a 6 move combo in 2 seconds and if it does only 5k damage it will be a complete meme.
Animation cuts is not the problem of the game and never was.

man, u cant just cut the dmg as bb problem is not the dmg.
its dmg is on par with others, its just its super bursty thats broken .

The problem is the damage plus the animation cuts.
This turn the weapon in a complete health destroyer because whenever you cut those animations you get a insane damage boost + all the combo damage.
You can nerf the animation or the damage from that combo and every good player would prefer a damage nerf instead of a animation nerf.
That’s because in the end all those weapons will turn into a some kind of slow motion “bang bang skill bang bang” to be as noob friendly as possible.

Weapon animations being stronger gives you more freedom to your mind games and fit every skill and attack wherever you want to.
And if this doesn’t deal much damage it’s ok because it wont be strong.
Got it?

It’s actually the opposite. The game was build with tactical approach in fights and on player’s request it got turned into a tag game

Whoever can dodge the most and bypasses animations wins

Here’s some insight

What i meant was not talking about speed but the game have a great combat design and have the best pvp i’ve played in my life.
The thing is AGS made so many mistakes over the career of the game that is impossible to this thing keep alive.
The main problem on my opinion is that NW was weak on the PvE part and strong on the PvP one and instead of focusing on this nice pvp they tried to focus on the PvE but they still don’t have a good PvE and PvP didn’t had enough attention.

What makes me most angry with this game is the way they balance things.
Just like the owner of the post said in his post it doesn’t just make sense no one was complaning about the claw so why did they focused on it?
Musket on another example had alot of players asking for nerf on it’s hitscan and they added this non-sense bloom effect.
It’s like they can never listen directly to the community if the community says “musket needs nerf on the hitscan” they only listen to “musket needs nerf” and f*ck what community is asking for or discussing what should be good.
Besides that we have what they call the “rework” on fire staff while this was just a mega buff on every skill including its basic attack.
How can they be so uncreative to say they are reworking something and just buff it to the top? These things just shows how incompetent they are.

F for the only way I was able to do some damage with BB in PvE, devs do hate ranged in PvE.

Totally agree!! :alien:

This is what happens when people think they are smarter than they really are. You tell them something needs a nerf. You tell them what in particular stands out and makes it OP. They then decide it does need nerf. They then proceed to over think the problem. While they are busy over looking the obvious answer, they decide that since the players/tester didnt make the game they dont know as much as the devs who dont play the game. They then proceed to toss out the obvious fix and insert some over complicated adjustment to abilities and percentages that where never needed.

Can you expand on that?

I agree, claw shots wind-in should be cancelable, BUT only if winding to a target a long distance away, eg 5m+

The change/fix they implemented removed the macroable insta kill, two abilities can be casted at once on live.

claw shot is dead after the nerf like i said in other post, they need to buff the ability to be a more vialbe utility tool instead of the current animation cancel oneshot tool.

eg: make it grab ur target to u like reap if u press W while use ability, or grab u to ur target otherwise, make it also can grab u to any ground or object.
make it stun the target for 1s, or keep the root but increase the dmg to 100%
make it give ammo even if miss or canceled
make wep perk give empower regradless of distance (distance condition make the perk a joke atm)

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It does this already.

It works on friendly Entombed players, I always thought it would be cool to grapple to teammates. :+1:

I disagree, make landing the hits more rewarding, not encourage spamming miss hits

Hopefully weapon perks are re-evaluated soon since combat balance is being shifted heavily this patch

Would be pretty bad @$$ to grapple someone to you instead of going to them

yes it would be dope utility if it can grab target to you or pull u to target depends on if u press w or not while using ability.
and with the netshot’s choice of stay or push back urself, BB left tree can then be a in and out close range gunlinster fight style.