New Cash Shop Masks Are Terrible

I understand making a scary mask for Halloween, but it’s really ugly :rofl:

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but being ugly is why I don’t need a mask.

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in general skins look terrible in new world, but this takes the cake. the idea of egypt theme is awesome, yet why is that my character looks like hes wearing skinny jeans.

Maybe in future i get a skin worth wearing


Good thing is, we aren’t forced to buy them.
I know I’m going to buy that Greatsword “Jackal” skin though.

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ready to go to war. War on Fashion

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I don’t mind the skins being ugly. Cause they still deliver variety.

What I mind is that extreme long time between new skins.
If we’d have “ugly” skins every 2 weeks. It would change the whole outlook, since it’s good for an mmo to have gear looking better from the game than from the cash shop

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wow, that is indeed horrific

Good thing everything from last year is available again too.

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