New Character vs Existing Queues

Are there different queues for new characters vs existing character?

I’m keep seeing conflicting info so I figured I would ask on the forums. I messed up and accepted my second questing in the starting area. I want to link up with my friends when I get off work today but they’re in another starting area. I logged out last night in the starting zone RIGHT after accidentally taking the second quest. If delete my current character and recreate them will my queue be longer than if I just log into my existing character in the starting zone?

Thanks for any insight.

your friends might have started in a different area, you can meet up with them, aslong they are on the same server

Thanks. I know how to link up with them just not sure if I delete my existing character if that will make my queue longer. I’ve read that they have different queues (queue times) for new characters, existing characters in the starting zone and exits characters outside of the starting zone.

I just don’t want to screw myself by deleting and recreating only to make my queue way longer.

just finish the area. the starters quests will lead you to a city. when there you can walk to your friends

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