New Company Addition

Playing this game with the same company that I started with has been fun. We are always trying to think of ways to hangout and do stuff together. Last night we were running loops pushing influence down and we were all just talking about random things. I thought about a cool idea that maybe a few people would like to see.

I think adding a company home would be cool. You could relate it to like a greek row with all the companies houses and they could be flying the top companies banners. Inside you could have a company storage for potions and whatever else instead of hunting down your company members to trade with them. You could add 1 chest to increase YOUR storage in that town.

The possibilities are endless to what you could add and it could be really creative and would bring a place into the game that companies can group up in and chat in. If anyone else likes this idea or hates it/ wants to add to the idea of it please feel free!

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