New content patch when basic content not working?

Hi, you are adding new conent when basic game mechanics like bugged walking, fight lag (sometimes 3 seconds), dissapearing items and engine lack of reliability lays unfinished?

What is the idea behind this?

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This is not the first time this has happened.

they said the february patch will be the bots / exploit / bug month, where they will focus on that.

dunno why exactly only february but it seems like they want to have some kind of endgame content first

They are going to lose so many players over this complete lack of direction. They prioritize content over fixing issues that have existed since release or other content patches.
How likely is it the new content with bring more bugs causing them to have to delay other bug fixes. Its absolute madness.

I could have sworn that the 1.1 push forward followed by an oops we should fix things first sentiment… and loss of many players… fuck I am confused.

AGS is pushing forward again before fixing stuff, stopping the RMT bot invasion, the super companies land owner corruption, bugs bugs bugs, desychned, lagged, bugs. WTF???

We the people’s time is not a respected commodity.

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It is apparently the AGS way.

Our house is on fire! Quick! Build an extension on it!

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Ignore the bot/gold sellers = check
Ignore addressing LUCK = check
Nerf bow some more = check
Give players shiny fluff and time sinks so they don’t pay attention to the rest = check

Add not fixing S&S and buffing tank role because this is being ignored since day 1

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