New designs for some current towns/cities

AGS Devs. PLEASE PLEASE don’t change the look of towns/cities as they are currently in NW!

I have been playing from the start for 9 months, now just returned player and I hear that in the next patch you will be building CAMELOT, please don’t change the look and feel of anything existing of the towns/cities, why, b/c as a player who has spent hundreds of hours in this environment, making such drastic changes as are proposed is system shock!

Who asked for these changes, why are you (many times) making changes (planning to) that no one is asking for.

You don’t just change the world players have been playing in and enjoying on a whim, consult with psychologists, this planned change is just not needed! The current look of all towns and cities fit the NW just right!

Save all those new designs that you have for future expansions of NW, as a new location it will be great to see changes BUT NOT the current/existing ones!

Yes, to brand new players it will not be a shock but how many of those are you getting as to opposed to the already existing player base?!


Your shills aka YouTUbers/Streamers are already “praising” the new look, don’t listen to them, all they care about is viewers for there channels.



what’s wrong with redesign? its looking better now .


Agreed :+1:
This is much better now


People did ask for this.

There’s dozens of posts complaining that all the towns are just copy and paste in with layouts with no variety of aesthetics (other than a couple), which I agree with.

Some of the brickwork in the new towns I’m not so fond of, it kind of looks out of place in some parts, however, it’s a welcome improvement overall.

People that say “people didn’t ask for this”… stop speaking for everyone because if you look across the forums you will see that they pretty much did.


Actually they MUST rework all the settlements.

The current is just copy paste. Each settlement must be unique.

Everfall and MB new design is just amazing.

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IMO the new look is much better than the old one, you’re free to think otherwise but stop speaking for everyone lol. My only concern is how they will incorporate all these different architectures into the lore.


he said that no one asked for this rework. But the truth actually is that everyone asked for this.

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I honestly don’t agree, I think that they make things unique now and actually remove the copy/paste stamp they’ve got on them.


Luxendra said that they have plans for FL as well. Cant wait to see this settlement reworked.

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Königsfels looks terrible in my eyes, one feels almost crushed by the thick stone walls. The charm of a rising settler town is completely lost. With just one step I landed in another time. This change would have made sense in a few years. :neutral_face:

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I have talked about city design in great detail in the past. People often advocate for windsor or everfall because its in “the middle of the map” and use this logic to conclude that is the reason these cities were so popular so early in the games history. However, I do not agree. I do think they may of played a role (10-20% If we had to put a number on it) but i think the primary reason is because of the horrible design layout of cities in the east and south east of the game. Let’s face it vertical cities, cities with water you jump through and just simply things like having storage right next to auction house is a massive plus for city design.

I fully support a redesign of the games cities, especially these issues and the cosmetics.

It was the Twitch Steamers that were complaining, trying to find everything wrong with the game, if your playing the game your looking at buildings from a ground level, Streamers where taking a 1000ft high view and saying oh look at that its the same oh look here its the same, well guess what, every tree looks almost the same.

Point is, the cities/towns fit the lore, I don’t want to jump into CAMELOT, its ridicules, when they have so much more series work to do, what do they do, redesign the cities, like that’s going to bring people back, NOT.

The reason people started coming back now is b/c of the new events in the game, fun things to do, that is what matters, not building CAMELOT.

They are making a big mistake, mark my words!

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Dude, ofc people wont come back cuz of the redesign.

But this rework is a step ahead. We wanted something like this. We want to rework all the settlements. I cant understand why you like the copy paste buildings. All the settlements are exactly the same.

Where do you come from, was live under a rock? Since day 1 players complained that the design, style of the towns are cheap looking, horrible, copy paste layouts with minor differences. All the areas need to be improved while keeping a good immersion.
TBH i would had make something different bit here: give the towns levels design, lowest level tier to look like it does now & with every tier it starts to look more complex, better. Similar to the camp fire & crafting tables levels that change its looks.

I havent been on PTR and see for myself, but towns in current state almost every town looks the same and some towns are just copy paste from launch.
That is what AGS wanna change.

I think AGS should make this new look on towns as a new building construction, so the company that own the town can if they like upgrade that town to this newest look or keep the old design.

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