New expedition comes for Casuals

hello everyone, My name is Krysiz and am currently a 612 tank. still working for that bis but I’m here grinding still. just a quick question for the forums and folks to hear more opinions.

New expedition is a gear score of 550, which is the same as gen/laz. Not a big deal BUT why would they introduce a system to get to 625 before i’m guess the “final” expedition of this era of new world. i love a new challenge do not get me wrong, and i am pretty sure that it will just end up being a mutation grind or a grind to get a item.

my feelings on where they should set the “end” expedition at is at 600, let those who accomplished 600-625 feel it was worth it to get into a expedition. I believe this is catered to casuals and to get people back. but they forgot the people who has grinded.

1000% agree should be at least 600-610 or even 625 but Definetly not 550 thats just silly make people work for the 625 GS so they can do the final end game keep people interested and to keep people grinding mutators for the new expedition. they need to understand that there isnt many level 50 players left in new world everyone is 600+ GS and level 60

i see no new players, if i do it is a rare sight. the people still playing are for sure over the 600 watermark and are waiting for something “new” to do. so when @Drewzbored cater to top 3% it really is not. i would say people playing still now 600-610 is 90%

This is why the mutations patch was out of place and way too soon. This dungeon should have come first. A gear score upgrade system should not have come until an expansion launched. They needed more horizontal progression, not vertical.

IMO what they should have done is just scaled all the dungeons to level 60 instead of the mutation patch. Raised WM to 600 instead of 595. Then implemented this dungeon. Then they could have made all of them mutated down the road. Get rid of stupid orbs, leave out the rotation of only 1 dungeon per week and let people choose what they wanted to run. Each dungeon would have unique loot. Not just gear but also skins, trophy materials, unique housing items, etc. Collectable like stuff that people will want would keep people playing.


Yeahhhh, woulda been nice if they consulted forums to see virtually unanimous pushback to a progression bump…

I would just go ahead and say, excluding the new players, anyone still playing now and still below 600 are “not actually playing” the game and the new players should experience the game before they can talk about “end game”. Catering to “non-players’” needs at the expense of actual players will only alienate the players who actually play the game. Basic stuff yet somehow people ignore it.

Years and years of whining on multiple games, many examples out there yet every time it is the same bs criticism;

“I have to work. I don’t have time to play the game. So I cannot compete. Add something for me to catch up.”




Guess what! When you lose the players who actually play the game, you lose the player base because the remaining “players” are not actually playing the game.

If 600+ is top 3% then only the top 3% is actually playing the game. I argue that Amazon should give people more reasons to play. Not reduce them!

What is next? Remove the gear progression or remove the importance of the progress and rename the game to New World Battlegrounds?

Right? I think they were just scrambling to keep people and mutation was the closest thing they had almost complete. Imagine if the game had good direction and a plan in place.



Most of the players are above GS 600, they want content.
Who is this dungeon for?!


I mean, I don’t think there is any issue with this being released at 550 GS as long as it’s placed into the Mutation cycle.

have you beaten m10 dynasty yet?

if not you made this post for no reason.

that is your hardest dun.

beat it till you 625.

then tell us how it goes.

Otherwise why are you bothered by lack of content? you cant even beat the current content lol.


Judging by the participation in world tour elite chest runs i’d bet that most players are not gs 600 yet.

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why does all my content have to be pure mutations, it’s basically saying all i want to do is go straight into mythics in wow. no i want new content to be harder and make my gear score valid that i worked for.

Well to be fair some people run it for refining materials.

In think this is a nice horizontal addition to the end-game and when complemented with mutators it gives both options. Now, mutators definitely need some work to feel more challenging, feel more like you are running something fresh (add more mutations and ones with more significant changes to how you play the dungeon), but I think that’s another discussion and something I hope they are actively working on now.


Yeah I want no orbs or time gating but here we are.

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I wouldn’t be too sure about that, I am currently at 619 GS and go to the Elite runs every day. The other 4 people who go with me are the same. We go for the chance at random chest loot and things to sell.

Plus they are fun if you can get a group of 10-15 instead of 50.


This is the description of out of touch.

… you know being a contradiction to yourself is unhealthy?

again. you complain for more merits and credentials but don’t like the new content presented to yiu enough to finish…?

so even if they release new cotent you wouldnt finish that either before complaining?

yes every mmo has a grind scale.
Every. mmo. has. a. grind.

what are you talking about? mutation came out literally 2 or 3 months ago and you still only 614 gs.

you not ready for new content and over half the playerbase doesnt have BIS. its okay to enjoy what you have without impeding on others fun.

only started 4 months ago, and i can be 625 in a week if i chose to be. but it’s not like you can get into many mutations lol. idk what server you are on but it is not every moment of the day people are running m6-10. granted i could use my orbs but it is hard to find people who want to do so.

and mutation is to make “end game” content more of a challenge. other than that it is not end game. do you get and mutated gear? and new or good weapons and gear from it? nahhh bro maybe a better drop rate if that.

Without the casuals, or new players, this game will not last. You are essentially asking them to make a change, catering to those of us still playing, even though that change would cause even more players to leave, likely resulting in those of us still playing not having a game to play at all.

Just Brilliant.