New faction thats not a faction?

So please give us a 4th faction option i.e mercenary where we are not part of any faction ut are able to join any wars fight any faction in open world pvp and not give us the ability to take a town having a mercenary faction not alligened with anyone would mix thing up .

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It would be cool to be able to make factionless companies.

It might need some work to function inside the current system because you would lose out on a lot of the main quests and anything sold by faction vendors (which right now is finally some good stuff).

I have a buddy on our server who is almost lvl60 without a faction still, and he still has plenty of fun. There are big drawbacks tho like missing most of the expedition content and the inability to make a higher level azoth staff. with some adjustments it could be viable.

Immediate results: The top 100 or so PvPers will become mercs and few company members will ever get to fight a war again. Attackers will take 40-49 of them and so will defenders.

make it where you can only add 10 merc players
to ake up for player numbers on undermanned wars

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well jsut add a merc faction quest tbf the only usefull stuff in there are the orbs and the pots and chisels

Let me work for the corruption

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