New Firestaff isnt overtuned at all

The Firestaff on PTR has recieved a good rework, however not everything was buffed. Fireball will basically be a dead ability and Incinerate doesnt do enough damage, that you would want to play close range. The most controversial change is the splash heavy attack, which isnt overtuned imo. You spend an entire point for that to work and its radius is only 1m. Alot of melee weapons hit multiple enemies with their standard attacks and even bow has the ability to hold their heavy attacks, which is far superior to having a little bit of an aoe. If you change the heavy attack, atleast give us the ability to hold our heavy attacks aswell, because the windup is so slow that everybody can dodge it. Let us and all other magical weapon users have some control over it.

The passives needed a rework aswell, since most of them were literally garbage. Lastly, people complain about the “huge” damage from Firestaff on PTR while having testing gear on in light armor. There is no way Firestaff will do that much damage to heavy and some medium players. The base weapon damage on Firestaff is still very low after all.

Fireball won’t be dead. But will drop to B tier FS skills.
Incinerate does lack of dmg. Has to be increased.

And heavy attack is fine. It might be turned down to like direct hit 100% dmg but splash only 80% but dont see reason for it. FS has no cc. And PTR dmg is same as on live. Meaning its ok but not super good.


It basically went from 2/6 abilities being viable to 5/6 abilities being viable and some QoL changes. There’s gonna be bunch of ppl who will try being mage after patch drops, and then half of them will go back to their melee build.


8/10 of them will go back to mele build moment they face any decent mele player :wink:

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