New forced Expertise is awful. Hear me out

First of all, I thought this was a Role-playing game. Aren’t those supposed to be “choose your own path” type of games where a player can innovate their own ways to high power?

Amazon seems to have a problem with the trading post. They don’t want you to be able to “buy 600gs armor if you haven’t put in the time”

But who are they to dictate what valuable “time spent” is? It is an RPG afterall.

The way I see it. If a player wants to spend weeks on end leveling up watermark to get 600gs items. THEY EARNED IT! now guess what? They can dictate the price of which they are willing to let that gear piece go for. If they sell it cheap, it’s on them.

I personally DID NOT buy this game to play PvE. I have a YouTube channel with over 300 exclusive pvp videos.

What I spend my time doing (which apparently isn’t valuable to amazon) is hours every single day gathering materials and selling them to stimulate the economy. I do the grunt work that the banned bots did. I’m that person. I spend so much time farming coin. But now Amazon doesn’t reward me for that time spent.

If I spend my time grinding coin, and another spends their time grinding wm to 600. We should be able to trade our resources equally with one another without one person having the effectiveness of their received good being diminished.

I understand that I can still buy the 600gs item and when it’s effectiveness reduces to 520gs (my current wm) I can merely go grinding hours and hours and days to level it up to 600… I get that… but that’s not what I want to do, so why force me to do it?

I would rather happily pay someone who enjoys doing this to do it for me. And I’ll pay them whatever price they want for those valuable goods…

How are you ruining this type of system?? Why?!?!?


I totally agree. This system would be great if they reconsidered the scaling. Forcing players to do things outside of their own play style is going to make the game less fun for a lot of people. Expertise would be an excellent improvement if they removed scaling for crafted/quest/legendary items or altogether.

They knew you could buy 600 GS equipment as soon as you hit level 60. They put it in the game.

It seems grossly incompetent for them to decide: “Ooops, we didn’t intend for you to be able to do that” months after they released the product.


Dude!!! Yes!!! Seriously.

This leads me to my conspiracy… this update has nothing to do with players buying 600gs items and being powerful. But has everything to do with players buying gold, then buying voidbent. They want players to spend their money on their game. Not gold sellers. So now if you buy gold, then buy voidbent. The armor is still trash, unless you play the game in the way they want you to play.

They should be truthful that this is their dumbass solution to combat gold sellers.

Since WM farming is absolutely miserable, and completely based on group-only content, I decided to spend most of my time leveling my armoring. And even after AGS mega nerfed tradeskill leveling, I still did. For 400 hours. Because as bad as the WM system was, at least there was another avenue I could grind that was somewhat interactive, and could be done solo.

If you reduce my 400 hours of playtime, make my crafted Voidbent and other gear reduce to my Watermark, I will quit and never play this game again. I’ve put up with a lot because I love the game and want to play it for a long time, but that would be the breaking point for me.

Imagine if instead they arbitrarily picked crafting instead of WM as the new “expertise” system: all your WM’d gear and dropped gear, that 600 legendary weapon you grinded for -reduced to whatever GS your highest level CRAFTING was. Imagine that. Everyone would rightfully quit the game. THAT is what they doing to crafters with this expertise system. What would you do?

Why do you need 600GS equipment if all you do is gathering?

Not to be rude, but did you even read my post? Did you read the part how I’m a competitive pvp player with a dedicated channel to pvp with over 300 videos???

Self crafted gear thats BOP should be exempt. Just limit whats BOP so you dont get everything.

I undersatnd if you have a YT channel where you PVP and buying gear would be great for that. You can do different builds on a whim and test them out properly just by buying stuff off TP for quite low coin.

But max level gear for sale is never great, especially if they introduce buying coin (like other MMos do).

It would then be P2W. The changes are fine its just the timing and implementation. It should have been ontroduced for the next tier of gear and left everything <=600 alone.

This looks to me like clearing the decks of any chance of P2W but still introduce coin for sale. But who knows.

I’d be totally cool of this was ONLY for 600+ gear… or if players who already have 600 will remain 600. They are grandfathered in. And moving forward they gotta do it the other way.

I literally dont have the time to GRIND as much as others do, I end up having to buy my gear from the shop or having a friend craft it for me. So now I really wont have a purpose to play the game if it is necessary to do the harsh grinding that I dont have time for before I can actually enjoy the game.

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100% this. Some of us have a life and when we get on for that night with the boys on the weekend. We just wanna party and kick it with friends. Not have to “play catch up” just to be able to pvp with friends.

Great example: friend gave me 3 parts level 590 gear score so we could do portals together. Now I’m not gonna be able to do portals and instead have to wm first just so the gear he gave me is now usable again at that stage of the game…

You can get expertise from OPR.

That’s besides the point.

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