New fresh Servers

Hi I really love this game and I been enjoying every minute of it. So far.
But I will be honest this game has many many flaws and some of those flaws make me want to stop playing the game all together. I am talking about the people that get an unfair advantage. One of those unfair advantages if the people that claim a territory and steal all the money from the people and then proceed to sell the gold for IRL currency. There are a ton of them and it is so annoying.

The duping problem and this is legit killing all my motivation and I know i am not the only one. Please fix all those issues and dont make it so u can retriev gold from the company territory gold stash. And fix/lower droprates from mats so they are actually worth selling for.

This game has potential but knowing there are people stealing money from the stash instead of upgrading their territory just makes me want to uninstall

rant over

not gona lie i’ve been thinking about how I hope they do drop some freshie servers sometime after the game isn’t broken lol

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