New Game Changes are out of balance

I know a few of you typed about how buffed mobs affected us, but here I will show some proof.

  1. Your loot distribution from Elite Zones such as Forecastle Drift (Only same heavy items) Myrk (just weapons) is stupid

  2. Whoever buffed mobs had some insane numbers added to them. Look at my video how these mobs take 10 minutes to kill with 50+ people. It used to take 1.5-2 hours to complete Elite runs through the whole map. now it takes around that time to complete 1 run at myrk with 50 people. thats Ridiculous .

Figures of players leaving for Lost Ark or others will be prevalent for xmas if they do not act fast. I for one and not a happy player. Like many others. Amazon act and roll back the silly changed you implemented in Elite areas and Expeditions. 2 things you missed out that are very important is pre selected gear slotting for gathering crafting sets and balanced “Role” outpost rush. Cant believe you missed those 2 im[portant things that were told to you countless times in Beta testing. What is going on ?

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